E&P Goddesses - A Poll



So as a first Poll I wanted to do something that I was very interested in . LOL. The fellas at Small Giant Games have put together quite a few HOT woman Heroes - I picked 4 of my favorites to get voted up or down. You get a total of 7 votes to spread across them. So ladies and gents, chime in on who is the Hottest! - Razor.!



Lianna, Isarnia, Natalya, alasie


Hi mate. Natalia and Isarnia indeed are hot, but in my opinion, Belith is way hotter than all of here. My no One is Mariana :wink: cheers mate…interesting topic :wink:


Lianna is my favorite


Yeah, forgot about Belith.


The inimitable @Bertus did this one a few weeks ago…it got a bit wacky…



Maybe this round(of people opinions) will be better :wink: :):grin:


Natayla is 50% vote and the other 3 is split 3 ways LOL


I just got Lianna. Her


Red Hood … I don’t want all the goods thrown in my face. At least wine and dine me first :wink:


Isarnia, Lianna, Marjana, Gretel, Delilah, Layla, Li Xiu (not in that order)


Right! That face, that body…


Yeah so far Natalya is kicking some major A$$. 4 seemed to be a good amount, I did think of several others… these are the ones that I was feeling the day I set it up :). YOU GET 7 VOTES, SO SPREAD EM OUT OR JAM THEM ALL INTO ONE! Thanks for Participating. Click the Skull to get to TitanMafia.com and check out our Data Driven ‘Your Team’ generator (it’s just getting started).


Tell ya what I’ll do… I can make this into a 2 or 3 part series. 4 x 4 or 4 x 4 x 4. Then a Playoff between the 2 from each that have the highest votes. Etc… till its down the the final 2 or whatever. I’m up for you guys casting round 2. I’m game if you are.


Domitia is standoffish
Red Riding Hood is bored
Isarnia is stern

Natalia is hawt. (And needs to move to a cooler climate and put on more clothes.) :wink:


https://www.titanmafia.com/Polling/EnPGoddess/EnPGoddess.html - Wow whst a Turn around! Isarnia made an incredible come back flipping the scales on Natalya! Seeking a minimum of 100 voters to close it out. And given you get 7 votes to spread out or put all on 1 Goddess… the scales can tip for any of them. 49 voters so far and most only did 1 vote???


All 7 votes on the red one. :grin:

Nice website btw! I see your E&P addictiveness, Sir!



Maybe you can update the links a bit since it has moved from its initial spot?

Also, shouldn’t you also set a time frame for the poll to close so we can move on to the next bracket? :smiley:




Kadilen, Vivica, Hel, Sonya… :smiley: