Unique look @ Top 100 LEADERBOARD Hero Usage now Available!

Thanks for all you’ve contributed, @Razor, and best wishes for a successful career transition.

@Roxy_TM, thanks for stepping in to help maintain this utility.


Thanks @Kerridoc! Much appreciated coming from you.

Thank you everyone!!


Hi Everyone! Glad to get data processed for 10/13! It’s available in the usual place and reviewed on the TitanMafia site. Have a good one! Razor

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Hey guys! Heads up on this one >>>

@Roxy_TM how is being the LEADER treating you??? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Good, they miss you being the leader, Razor…

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Well doll, step up - your the leader now! You tell the gang they are the best and to stay together!!!

@Roxy_TM thanks for sharing with me - I had to take a moment…

Wanted to share this with some of you in this tread as well…

@Jedon @Oblivion @GERATH @Mananabas @LucasDaoc @Celtibero

@Builderbooo - Hel has certainbly been getting a LOT more use!


Nice job.
20 good floks.

Interesting to see how quickly she’s come on line. My Athena is at least a month out from deployment (of course I still need that sixth telescope).


@Kerridoc I’m so glad you picked her up! YOU WILL ENJOY! I got 3 of her in the 1st offering, fed 1 to another (dumb), and it took me I think 5 or 6 months to get the 6 Tele to ascend her to 4th! I had better luck with the other Elemental’s. I have my 2nd getting ready for 4th, however am opting to go with Alasie instead being she is so HOT in terms of use right now - and I like the FAST hit HARD better than the AVERAGE hit 3. Let me know what you think once you get to use her for awhile, I’d be very interested on your take - her REPUTATION PROCEEDS HER!

HEL - HELL YA! She has jumped right in there as a SOLID top Dark!

I’ve got Alasie, Magni and Arthur maxed, and it’s always a challenge choosing among them. Arthur is best for titans, Magni when defense is needed, and Alasie when mana control is needed—meaning most raids. I’m sure you will enjoy Alasie!


@Kerridoc - Those are 3 amazing ICE Butt Kickers you have there! ARTHUR is amazing, they all are! I have a friend that sports 2 Alasies and 2 Gravemakers and Horghall in the middle and they do pretty dang good… Magni is a tough one!

Hi everyone! I Wanted to give this girl the best chances to be the best she can be - so introducing to my Forum Peeps!

Meet my protege @Runecaster - the Miracle Girl that went to a full EPIC team lead by LEGENDARY Aegir by the end of our session landing at level 9 - in 8 hours of total game play! Oh at the low cost of 1 Benjamin and 1 Abe with 3K gems to spare!

Rune get to know these players - they will make you a better one!

@Oblivion @GERATH @Builderbooo @Mananabas @Celtibero


I really look forward to getting to know you guys! Thx for introducing me @Razor!!! I could use the mentoring!! :slight_smile:


Welcome @Runecaster and congrats on your accomplishment.

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