TITAN MAFIA - A E&P USERS GROUP - NOW OPEN! (1st 25 to join have ++)

Hi Gang! I’ve opened the TitanMafia.com site to the Community who would like to be involved.
Skim over the following 2 posts in the Forum. If you are interested please post into this thread.


Your login is your username. Your password is 0. (the number 0 until you change it). You will get access to all the other members after you sign up. When you want out there is a [log-out] link in the upper right hand corner!

THE25 who have not logged in:
@Banel, @BarryWuzHere and Silvio
The above will be replaced with the following if a great excuse is not provided (or record of it - just being fair):
SMORE, Lucilla, and Marauders_minion

HONORARY who have not logged in:
@Eddard, @keltik, @Mananabas, @Oblivion, @Rockstar9280, @Sorsha, @Tamertain, @tsoukalos
On Nov 1st I will check 1 last time and if you have logged in your good otherwise I will pass this along to another

I will be re-opening Memberships some time in November for those of you who missed out.

I expect to run the 1st Members Event on November 1st - Nov 15th.


@Witch. Currently you get access to all the other members information after you input yours. Currently there are 3 stats that automatically get updated on the site for the Members leaderboard. Titan, Trophies, Highest Global Rank… This section is going to be built out with additional leaderboard stats - which will lead into competitions for Cash!

I love getting to know everyone - were all over the world!!!

I have a new utility that I’ve been working on that you will be the first to get to check out - its a whopper! Members only initially.

I am going to put in a simple chat feature so that we can IM.

I will start adding content for members and the ones that join up first, guess what - they get seniority idea implementations status!!! You guys have a very passionate programmer in your hands!!!


@Sorsha want you to get in as 1 of the 25 if you are interested! RaZoR

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Count me in!

20 characters

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@Jedon might pay to ask here :grin:

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If you want a custom image just tell me where I can find it! Adding you now. Your username is your login and password is 0 till you change it! @therocketcat

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Fork yeah! My profile image on the forum is pretty low quality but that’s preferred. Or a Sonya.

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Your good to go! I’ll work with the image you requested - if it doesn’t work out you will get Sonya!

Add me … me me pick me :smile:

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Your already in. I created your account after you told me buddy! Use your Forum username and 0 is your password till you change it!

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Were you able to get in?
Login: amrolwan
Password: 0
Yes password is the #0 until you change it.
I was able to login as you.
My Site Chat is on right now, you don’t have to put in a valid email to chat. So hit me up there if your having problems still!

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Id be interested in joining! Im off to dream land soon but will check it when i get up before work.

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Login: Hrothgor
Password: 0
Yes #0 till you change it!

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Thanks! I will dive in deeper later today.

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If you may add on top of the site a key to drag into the chat will be great. Cause I couldn’t find the way to chat rooms.
If you may add a buttom in login Editing window to go home to www.titanmafia.com with out being logged out from the user will be great.
Cause after editing my user information when I tried to go back to home page I was automaticly logged out!

Good Morning Razor, count me in. You have already helped me a lot and your information is very helpful.


Morning Razor, good war Titan mafia

@Razor I’d love to have access, but a default image is fine. :wink:

HEY! @JRJR60 - @Ber - @TomV93 Your accounts are setup!

Your name in this post is your login. Password is 0 till you change it. (yep the # 0)

Welcome aboard - will get those friendly competitions underway soon! e-Cash is King!

Look forward to any input you have as well. Thanks all!

@razor Count me in, thanks!

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