Druid and ranger emblems

I don’t know whether I should give emblems to Zim or Caedmon or even Melendor (not maxed yet).
The same doubt I have for Alasie vs Tiburtus: many people here say that giving emblems to 4* is the better choice but I feel like Alasie is very strong.

Here’s the rest of my roster. Thanks in advance!

Alasie and Zimkitha are definitely worth emblems — but. But you don’t have many 5* heroes. Having two amazing heroes but no supporting cast won’t make for a good movie. I think putting emblems on solid 4* of your roster makes a lot of sense. They will give you a group of 5* near-equivalents at a modest cost.


Agree with @Kerridoc definitely Alasie (she will be in defense, titans and raids) and stop giving anymore to kiril, start giving to Zim. She might be your tank.

I don’t use Mel at all, he is just too fragile vs 5* defenses.

Keep giving to falcon and Wilbur.

Based on your roster, others for emblems are Dom and Viv.

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Cept Kiril and Zim are diff classes yeh ? :slight_smile:
Kiris looks like a fine option for Wizard emblems to keep pumping into him and can always reset in the future if a better Wizard comes along.
I would agree in going Zim over Mel for emblems now as Mel is a bit squishayyy and Zim could service as a great tank for you.
I would also lean towards Tiburtus over Alasie which hurts to say (Alasie is soo good) but as you lack 5* depth it may be a better decision at this stage in the game.

Oh yeah, save your wizard emblems for Proteus. Kiril at +3 should be okay vs other 4* lineups.

I’ve spread my emblems out to some extent and must say I’m very happy about that choice. I still take down 4300+ raid defs with my >4000 attack teams - doesn’t really matter if the defenders are +5 or +9.

That said, you’ve got good options. I don’t see that many healers though, and Mel is indeed flimsy when naked. Zim is a force and Druid serves her very well, but right now maybe Mel would make better use of the emblems? Caed is not a bad choice (I’ve got him +10 and he’s in my 3-2 attack and green mono, gets lots of use) but for you Mel is probably the way to go.

I’d also go Tiburtus before Alasie, right now. You can always do +10 for a 4 and then start on a 5. It’s so much cheaper for 4s and it makes so much more of a difference. I’ve kept the emblems on all my 4s except for the odd one being replaced completely by a 5 (my beastly Grimm got stripped to feed GM and Kage after I got Athena).

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Zim and Alasie are great choices. Personally I would not do 4* over them.

Have to disagree here. I have him at +18 and he’s on my raid defense and is only 4 on team. Keeps me in diamond too. I have vivica but need more darts. Hes sturdy and hits very hard for a healer. There’s another thread that says he’s an attacker that happens to heal whereas rigard and Sabina are healers that weakly attack.

They are great choices! But having two moderately emblemed 5s and three naked 4s will be worse than three heavily emblemed 4s and two naked 5s, for def.

For attack, the emblemed 4s will continue to serve well into mid diamond and every war for a long time.

Disagree. To some extent you have to plan long term unless you wanna use reset emblems a lot or throw emblems down the drain.

Alasie and Zimkitha are both defense all stars and great choices to have the emblems, long, long term. So I’d start with the emblems now.

Also I disagree with your statement that 2 5* worse than 3 more heavily emblemed 4*. You want emblems on your tank the most on defense and you want your tank to be a 5*. Both Alasie or Zim with emblems make the best tanks for the OP and thus will help the defense by far the most.

My point exactly. Class any of the 4* healers and they will be as good, if not better than Mel.

I use kirils, rigards and BTs vs 5* defenses, they’re not +18 but probably not much of a drop off from Mel+18.

I totally get your point, and yes they both make great tanks. It’s not gonna make much of a difference to the OP though; staying in diamond with the leveled roster they have right now probably won’t happen (there’s lots of great potential though!).

The important thing is to open the chests in diamond, and for that you need a great offense. Emblemed 4s can somewhat replace the 5s that aren’t there yet, and be a big help. The 4s will also make a difference for war.

I’m not saying Zim and Alasie shouldn’t get emblems - they should, they are both terrific and I really wish I had them. But putting all the emblems on them now won’t be the best choice for OP at the moment.


Good point, doesn’t have to be a this or that option.

I have a few 4* to class +1/2/3 to give them a boost without it being a big investment. Minimal loss if I were to reset.

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Okay, thanks for the help, I’m doing Tibs and Mel.
Which way to go, offense or defense?

I still think it’s suboptimal to give them to Tiburtus.

There’s certain 4* worthy of emblems long term. Super powerful 4* like G. Jackal, Hansel, etc. The main 4* healers are good too like Rigard, Melendor, etc. The pro titan killers like Wilbur/Wu.

I had Tiburtus +19 for a while cause I had no ranger legendary. Moved them to Seshat once she was finished and haven’t regretted it one bit.

Here’s a good guide that shows which 4* are worthy of emblems. I’d argue it should still be Zim/Alasie though. Zimkitha is one of the best Druids in the entire game to give them to. Alasie is one of the best Rangers in the game to give them to.

Kiril and BT don’t heal near as much as Mel, Sabina or Rigard. And while Kiril puts up extra defense, BT only adds attack. I use them as well but Mel is great even without emblems. I have used him up until now with Kiril and more recently BT. I still have Sabina sitting at 3.? and just got Rigard recently and I am working on him for a purple ally dispeller. I have Vivica though so it isn’t a priority. But looking at his stats, I don’t get why you think he is much worse than the others. He hits harder than them and heals as much as anyone. With emblems he only gets better.

Sabina/Mel can be tough to keep alive vs 4300 TP defenses. But that isn’t a problem for everyone :stuck_out_tongue: I have Melendor+19 right now and Sabina+0 and there’s definitely a huge difference.

If I had Zimkitha I’d move my Druid emblems from Melendor to her in an instant

Take the 4* to +6 or +7 and then move to the 5*. That’s generally what I have been doing and it works for my play style.

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