Yellow ascension advice

Yeah its another one of those…My alliance doesnt talk much so i come to you guys…

Ive already got Joon and HuTao maxed…

Ive got ranvir at 3^70
Chao at 3^60
And vivica at 2^60

Then ive got Guardian jackal at 1^1 because im working on other heroes…hes definitely high up my priority list…

So really i feel like ive got two options…max out Ranvir because hes my titan killer or use 4 orbs and max out jackal, then wait for 4 more orbs and max ranvir… a little background: my alliance just beat our first two 7* titans and then went on to barely lose to 2 of them, now we’re back to 6 * titans so ranvir isnt really a liability at this stage for me so i lean towards jackal because once hes maxed out he’ll add the elemental defense down to my titan team and thats my end game there anyway…

What do you guys recommend?

Jackal is a major player for me on titans and in war. I would definitely suggest working him.

Also, it sounds like your bench might be a bit shallow. I would suggest putting resources into your four (and maybe three) star heros before diving to deep into your 5s. You will find that having plenty of maxed four stars is very beneficial, and that will give you time to collect resources and mats for the give stars.


+1 on jackal.

Will also suggest to do more 4* heroes rather than doing any more work on 5* heroes:


Thanks for the advice guys…i guess if you go by colors only yeah ive only got 6 of each color that ive messed with really in most cases, but there are a few heroes i started on and they got replaced along the way on teams i was too passive with, but ill pick them back up when i finish going through each team i have currently and leveling all those heroes up. Ive only been playing the game about 8 months and my teams are as follows…

Defense team: 3880
Team 1: 3854
Team 2: 3664
Team 3: 3411
Team 4: 3311
Team 5: 3183
Team 6: needs a lot of work at 2800

So overall at my level of play 100k alliance power and 6* titans i feel like im doing pretty decent. And for the most part i have focused on my 4 stars i just had a dilemma with those two heroes because i use ranvir everyday on titans…i do have a rainbow team of 5 stars im close to maxing though that will be over 4k when im done

Joon, seshat,QoH,king Arthur, kingston…but my current d team has boldtusk + 11 at tank and ive dropped arthur and put QoH at flank…but anyway Jackal it is. Thanks guys

If you have the darts, go for Ranvir, else do Jackal. Both are great titan hunters, but Ranvir not only against purple. Orbs will drop about 3 times as often as darts.


Yeah thats why ive got the dilemma because i do have the darts and i use ranvir basically all day everyday on titans

Prioritize Jackal. I have Ranvir at 3/70 and it is enough for 7-8* titans. And Jackal is a one nasty mf - my scores on purple titans skyrocketed (from record 60 k to 110 k!)
Plus bonus - if you pair him with joon / Leo/ Poseidon you get deadly duo for raids

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I guess it really depends. Are these three your only ascended Holy heroes, and are you trying to strengthen your defense? What does your Raid Defense team look like?

Yeah neither of those heroes would do anything for my raid defense unless you guys think they should…i forgot to mention ive also got gretel in her second tier but replaced her at some point…she’ll get work but just not high up my list…but anyway my raid defense team is…

Joon 4^55, seshat 4^60, boldtusk +11(all health &defense nodes)&costume bonus, QoH 4^50, kingston 4^50…so my team power is around 3890 atm…and im working on all those guys during wars…then switching back to my bench in between

So my total holy heroes is…

Joon 4^55
Hutao 4^70
Ranvir 3^70
Chao 3^60
Wukong 3^60
Vivica 2^60
Gretel 2^30 something
Justice 1^1
Ranvir 1^1
Danzburo 1^1
Jackal 1^1

Do jackal then Ranvir :+1:

Edit didn’t see vivica on there! What @jinbatsu said :+1:

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1st Jackal, then Vivica to 3.70 (or 4.70)… vivica is great healer plus cleanse :+1:

Trio Jackal-Joon-Vivica + any other hero is your great yellow team… with 3-2 or 3-1-1.
My yellow team: Jackal-Poseidon-Vivica


Do jackal, then Vivica. Ranvir is marginally better than wu. Save your mats and use Wu. Forget Ranvir.

Yeah i like viv, but her slow mana turns me off a little bit…plus ive got Rigard at +17 nodes. Hes my best healer that ive got so hes on my main team that i use…but i think the consensus is pretty clear to start with jackal and bring my overall holy depth up. Thanks again everyone

Well…now ive got guinivere so…

So now you can build a stronger defense. You have options! Congrats, man!

I would go for Ravnir first, if you do not have Tarlak or Willbur.
Do not take me wrong, I love Jackal.

Yeah ive got wilbur at +11

Hes a part of my red titan team…been using

Ranvir, QoH, guardian falcon, Bold tusk, wilbur

Maybe you mean not wilbur, insetad Miki?
Attack buffer currently so far: Wu Kong, Ranvir, Tarlak, Miki.

Wilbur is for survive. I still always bring wilbur on every titan color except rare reflect color red.

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