Does VIP Pass /2nd builder/ worth it with the new advanced buildings SH21

With the extended time and resources neeeded for building the new advanced SH21+ buildings, maybe the 2nd builder becomes useless? Of course we all love the loot tickets and daily emblems and gems, but hope SG team will create a different and a little cheaper offer. which to makes f2p players to become investing too. And also these buildings didn’t give some big benefits IMO… Just the agony continues expanded in time. Lol

It were worth with a maxed base, having other buildings to upgrade will only make him even more useful.

I don’t really care about the double builder. The main reason I subscribed to VIP was the daily loot ticket, emblem and the gems. Loot tickets allowed me to farm at 23 - 9 in a second. Thus, reaching higher xp much faster.
No wasted iron with double builder though.

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It’s worth it anyway, but for buildings, it’s even more worth it after you make it to SH21 and can work two buildings at a time.


Provided that any other building upgrade does not require a large amount of iron. SH21 upgrade alone drained 2xxxk worth of iron.

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With the long wait time with stronghold building you will be able to replace your iron in a couple of days and once you are passed stronghold 21 you can then start on another building. I think it will be very helpful but i can’t be sure until 7 days from now.

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it is very difficult to make 2 mil iron in a day so at least for the first 2-3 weeks after SH21 is done its the iron will still hold you back. you could upgrade mines since they take food instead of iron (if you have some banked up in TC20 or TC13) but the important upgrades (storage/hunters lodge) we are a ways away from having enough Iron on a daily basis.

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I searched a lot of threads about the VIP pass and this one seemed the most appropriate.

I’ve been switching back and forth between F2P and C2P (VIP pass only) the last few months, because I’ve reached a point where the building times are so long - and the iron requirements so high - that I don’t feel like I’m getting the full benefit of the 2nd builder.

Background: SH Lvl 23, Advanced Iron Storage at Lvl 8+9, Advanced Food Storage at Lvl 4-7 (Lvl 4 currently upgrading - which takes 4 days in total), Advanced Farms lvl 5+6, Advanced Mines Lvl 8-9.

As everyone knows, there’s no way to bank iron - you either use it or lose it and you have to time your production with your builders carefully to make sure they’re not idle. And even if you do that, there’s no iron to spare for crafting important battle materials like harpoons, which means you can’t support your fellow alliance members in Titan battles.

Why I’m writing this? To make the VIP pass worth it for me (and other experienced members) again, I’d need at least a 30% bonus in iron production for the full 30-day period. I might pick up another pass during one of the special offers, but it just isn’t worth it for me otherwise.

And yeah, I know: 900 gems + loot tickets + emblems. Still not worth it if I have a chronic iron shortage (or an ironclad chronic shortage either, for that matter).

You can still buy VIP and don’t use the 2nd builder, if you have iron problems.
Yes, i know it seems a waste, but still the offer is really good even without running two builds at the same time.

That said i feel you.
I’m letting my expire because i have no more buildings that require it and i need iron for other things.

Depending on path of valor cost i would probably switch to it or wait stronghold lv 24-25 release to eventually refresh.
Right now is quite a waste for me too.

I suggest you to do the same.

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Personally I haven’t had an issue with the timing. Takes a little juggling at times but it’s doable with a little bit of research and pre-planning.

My advanced buildings so far are:

Stronghold 23
Hunters lodge - LVL 10, researched 8/10
Advanced Iron Storage - 2x LVL 10
Advanced Food Storage - 1x LVL 10, 1x currently going to lvl9
Advanced Farm - 1x lvl 7, 1x LVL 5
Advanced iron - 1x lvl 8, 1x currently going to lvl7
Advanced house - LVL 7
Alchemy Lab - LVL 3 (researched 0/10)

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