🤪 Talent: Jinx: is it multiplied for all enemies (meaning x8) or just the enemy that gets hit (meaning x2)? @beta testers

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Question is:
Having 4 opponent heroes buffed with attack and defense, so 2 buffs ber each…
My wizard attacks can have an increase 5% chance of extra attack of 8x15% or 2x15%?

Description says “enemies” so is it multiplied for all enemies (meaning x8) or just the enemy that gets hit (meaning x2)???


Any beta around to clarify it?

Thx :wink:

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Boolz I’m glad we have people in crew smarter than me or nothing would get done

Solid question

@Kerridoc @Kamikaze_Assassin @littleKAF @RandaPandah @OwlSpirit @Skylar @Rook

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All heroes are buffed in defence and attack and Isarnia hit all: all have a chance to get +30% damage.

3 out of 5 heroes are buffed in defence: chance that 3 out of 5 get +15% damage

3 have 3 buffs and 2 only 1: 3 heroes have a chance to get +45% damage and 2 only 15% more.

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So it doesnt matter if a hero hits 1 3 or 5

Any buffed enemy has a chance to recieve extra damage


Thanks for answering(only guy i forgot to tag lol)

the way I understand it, first there is a roll 1 : 10000 before the attack.
If the 5% criteria is met, a bonus dmg multiplier will be applied for each enemy individually.

+15% bonus dmg per buff for each enemy who gets hit. With AoE attack, Some enemies may get +15%x4 if they have 4 buffs which is +60% dmg and some will have no dmg taken increase if their buffs are 0 (+15%x0).

It’s not logical to assume insane multipliers for a single target if the other 4 members of the team are buffed too. Makes no sense.

So modest :smile: Thanks :wink:

@Elpis says its per enemy individually, not enemies as per description

5% is like 1:20 roll

Aint that insane. 15%+attack multiplied by number of buffs
And I agree. But description is as it is…

So what you’re really trying to say is:

Petri made a pot of extra caffeinated coffee

Him and the rest of the developers sat around a table

Then discussed possibilites of taking a simple mechanic, and complicating the hell out of it

And this idea was what they all came to agree upon

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At the end of the talent is about 25/30% chance, if i recall correctly.

When Jinx is activated if i understand correctly it always hit for every buff, meaning that if you have 3 buffs you always get 45% more, and it can not happen to get jinx for 2/3 of buffs or 1 out of 3 buffs.
Everytime all or nothing.

What i’m not sure is if minions are considered buffs.

i dont think they are. As Belith cant dispell/debuff minions :wink:

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Thats pretty logical, still sometimes we don’t see logic in there :grin:

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thats why we ask SG to give better info on the talents description… atm we cant make experiments either… so kept in the dark…
they threw it on the “market” and as a player im trying to make the most of it but lack the minimum of understandable infos needed (to be noted that i dont ask for technicall infos, but exactly how it works) so i can assess if its worth the resources/embles/attention :stuck_out_tongue:

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Poor Ares… Zeline will wreck him.

That depends on the developers tbh, with my experience the roll with percents with most games is rand(10000).
This variates between 0.01% to 100%, where every number <= 500 will be considered a match for the 5% criteria.

Experience proved that if you make a game with 1:20 roll, the probability is 5%(1/20) and the odds are 95% (19/20).
The probability of rolling a 1 or 2 or any number below and including 500 is (1/10000)*500 = 500/10000 =1/20 anyway.

Poor Aegir.
She is green, gives 2 buffs at once and get dispelled :rofl:

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Is the extra damage also applied to tiles damage?

A good GameMaster knows when and how to exact punishment upon the players. This applies to developers as well.

Honestly I’m just sick of these devs getting paid to do a job and then putting parts of that job off on players. If it wasn’t for the community being so willing to help each other, zynga would be buying a different game and SG would have another failed gaming attempt.

Just my 2 cents

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To summarize:

For each enemy separately, there is a (5/10/15/20/25)% chance of doing 15% more damage per buff on that enemy.

The plural “enemies” on the card is definitely confusing.


Yes, “target” could have been better.

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