Does Athena fit here?

So saved up for 45 pulls from season 3 this month but no Gefjon (or any other 5*) and so have to decide where to put some ranger emblems. I have 518 saved and the good news is last Tavern gave me Athena as a 2nd choice. Maybe would have been first choice but didnt get to ask that question. Question is would it upgrade this team put put Athena in for Kunchen?

If i put Athena in than Liana will be reset so I can max the blue angel right away. Already have Kingston+18 for green sniper and Liana would get the extras anyway. This would allow me to take (maybe) Kunchen’s emblems for Hansel and Mist (putting the last 3 nodes on Woolerton first). An ambitious project, but if Athena isnt going on defense then her and Kunchen can keep their emblems.

Cheers and thanks!

Athena is an old HOTM with old HOTM stats that cannot compete with the stats of new HOTMs, S2, S3 and event heroes. She has squishy defense and health stats and emblems can only improve her only but a little. Besides, Kunchen debuffs the defense to all enemy while healing allies, whereas Athena only debuffs the enemy defense of a max of 3 enemy heroes. The winged HOTM is ideal in offense as AI cannot be relied upon to maximize her unique defense debuff when used in defense.

EDIT: This is bolstered by the fact that you seldom see Athena in defense. Please check the leaderboards if Athena is such a popular defensive hero.

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I have Athena+6 she getting all my ranger emblems she is great on titans and on offence, she isnt on my defence and I don’t think I would really.
I’d just start giving her any ranger emblems don’t strip anyone for them.

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Thanks! Your advices matches that of a couple of my alliance mates, plus its the simpler answer, so Athena sticks to offense.