Ranger Emblems to either Athena or Gregorion?

Hi guys,
after having emblemed Seshat +20, I have a bunch of ranger emblems waiting for either Athena or Gregorion.
None of them is in my defense team.
I would prefer Athena…what do you think?

In this case I would go for def and HP path…any comment and suggestions?

Thank you so much.


Full attack:

I don’t have Greg but I love my Athena with emblems. One of the best for challenge events if you want too score.
Great with Titans (we kill 11* Titans and with attack route she is sturdy enough)
And a beast for pvp or war.

I have both. They are average mana. So, I opted with the mana bonus node from their talent tree. That way, i can make them fire in 9 tiles, almost the same with my other fast heroes accompanying them. I dont have ranger heroes defending.

Depending which heroes that your titan team is missing to complete it.

Gregorion would be better as blue has a def down hero in Grimm.

Neither hero are defense team heroes.

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On defense i find greg is more troublesome than athena as his crits is very good and he hits harder.

But on offense i think athena is better as def down is valuable ability and can make 3 targetted enemy die faster.

So it’s depends, on defense greg
On offense athena

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For me personally - Athena is great hero for flanking green tank, cause she’s strong against red. Greg is slower than Lianna and his crit buff is not that much impactful in defense imo. The def drop Athena has is the best defense down in the game, it’s really good on titans, I went as much attack as possible on emblems with her too.

I personally got Alasie and Athena at +19 and next bunch of ranger emblems will go to Gregorion. I reseted Gregorion for Athena when I got her about 1.5 months ago and I don’t regret it. I use all 3 heroes a lot in offense, but Alasie/Athena also in defense. I’m just used to the green tank being most popular and Greg is not a tank, but I also don’t think he’s that impactful for different tank color defense setups. I rarely meet him in defense when raiding in diamond rank.

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