Does +2% mana generation do any difference with crit troops?

In offence team answer is NOT. If you don’t have any mana-troops to bonus stacking - there is absolutely no profit of those +2% bonus from talents grid (except some rare occasion - when mana-slowers shows up).

But what about defence? Maybe there we could see some breakpoint with those +2%? Any evidence of it’s working?

I faced some choice now with Khiona (which my def center) on 8-9 levels of the tree:

  1. +2% mana and +18 defence;
  2. +40 HP and +15 attack.

Def and HP do literally the same thing. So the choice is: +2% mana or +15 attack.
For her position and special those +15 attack does not really matters. But if +2% mana do absolutely nothing - +15 attack is better. Is it do nothing?

Still 0 of purple mana-troops and 24lvl crit troops at my disposal.

I am not sure with average heros. But I had the same dilemma with Seshat. I found out with her 4% special going, 2% mana boost, and lvl 11 mana troops it gives you a total of 15%. 15% is what is needed to drop her from fast, to nearly very fast which is 6.5 titles to charge. Having the 15% brings her down to 7 tiles to charge, which is essentially very fast.

Be careful. Her boost is only active for 4 turns, not for 7. So you will have to have the tiles matched within the first 4 turns in order to get where you want to go.

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I think the only way to play troops is the long game. Mana all the way. Troops are so resource heavy you want the impact sooner, but I would take mana speed adjustment over critical attack chances any day. It’s more comprehensive.

If you’re like me and the troops you’ve pulled are all 4* mana it’s really easy to say that. Emblem effects and specials only make the mana path worse for whoever you are up against.

I have a set of both now but at first I just leveled up the 4* troop I was lucky to pull. I pulled mostly crit troops. I have been playing a year now and stopped them all at lvl 15, and started the mana troops now. My first set of troops are at lvl 15, and my second set are between level 8-11. I think stopping at lvl 11-15 is a good idea, because when you color stack it is nice to have the option to change them up.

NOTE: If I stopped my first set of rainbow troops at lvl 11 I would have a Crit set at 11 or higher, and a Mana set at 11 or higher which would have been ideal.


In what way is it comprehensive?

Actually, the vast majority of the talents are reactive or proc only on tiles/slashes. The ones that do work on specials work equally well on tiles/slashes.

Barbarian: Normal atrack only, and crits dramatically boost the DOT damage.
Cleric: Reactive to enemy
Druid: Reactive to enemy, and crits boost the minion damage
Fighter: Reactive to enemy, although having a special ready to fire faster is a plus here.
Monk: Reactive to enemy
Paladin: Reactive to enemy
Ranger: Works on specials and normal attack
Rogue: Reactive to enemy
Sorcerer: Normal attack only
Wizard: Works on specials and normal attack

It is also worth noting that killing a hero, silencing it, or messing with it’s mana will all kill the effectiveness of mana troops (and there are a lot of heroes who do these things). Crit troops contribute tile crits on offense, though, even when the hero in question is dead, silenced, mana locked, mana cut, etc. It’s almost impossible to stop a crit.

I’m not saying that Crit troops are the dominant choice, because shaving a tile off of some heroes is huge. But I would say that simply pursuing mana troops because they allow you shave a tile at some point isn’t a slam dunk either.

This is key, because getting Very Fast heroes down to 6 tiles is enormous.

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This is why for the majority I would recommend stopping at mana lvl 11, and starting a second set of Mana or Crit troops, or vice versa until you have a set of both above lvl 11.

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