Crit vs Mana Troop for Telluria/Heimdall

I see many people using crit troops for Telluria and Heimdall, but most people think mana troops are always better regardless of the hero being offensive or defensive. So can you guys elaborate on why you’re choosing to use crit troops instead of mana, or why one would?

I have my theory on it as I actually use both troops, but I’m just curious to what the general consensus is on this.


Crit for tanks due to amplifying defense & health stats that are already amp’d by emblems

Telluria in offense = lvl23 mana to fire in 9 tiles
Telluria in defense = crit to make it even harder to arc tile attack above tank defense

Heimdall(slow)=crit either way. Want heim to live as long as possible in either situation and mana troop doesn’t typically help enough for slow to make a difference. 11 tiles is still usually 4 matches in offense which is same as 12 so crit.

In tank spot, they’re usually going to fire regardless whether they have a mana troop or not and their attack isn’t their purpose. Surviving is.

Longer a tank lives, less likely a match is won by the offense in most cases from my experience and from what I’ve seen in teammates vids and youtube


Okay, I totally agree with this. When I had Guin as tank I used my lvl 10 crit troop instead of my lvl 17 mana troop because I wanted to additional health and Defense stat to protect her. And when I use able in def on left wing I do the same as I want him to stay alive I don’t care about his ability to attack.

I was just shocked to see how many people are putting crit troops over mana troops when on the average troop thread people generally will vote mana over crit regardless. Good stuff @Rigs

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I saw emblems heavily sway the mana vs crit decisions amongst the leaderboard and in wars

Used to it didnt matter max crit troop or not, tank died in 3 mono tiles so might as well go mana

Emblems changed that

Going to see even more importance of crit troops in offense now due to vela and gm combos

Best way to survive that duo is embleming O heroes towards def/health instead of attack and ampin with crit troops

More about surviving to kill the enemy now

And less about how fast we can kill the enemy(once telluria fires you’re screwed anyways without cleanse so then just hopin to survive long enough to fire cleanse in 1 or 2 more matches)

Defense stats decrease the initial damage from gm and vela
Health makes the DoT less impactful

Just my 2 cents


I keep seeing a lot of Telluria tanks with mana troops for raids, but personally I feel that makes her easier to kill even if she does fire a turn sooner on defense – at least for me I haven’t had trouble blasting through her with a red-3 stack when she uses a mana troop.

I haven’t ran into a single Telluria tank using a crit troop, but I’d be curious to just to see how much more trouble she’d be to take out.


Much more.

Can tell you from experiences of mana guin vs crit guin

If it made crit guin harder to kill, and she has less max emblem defense than telluria then it makes telluria even harder to kill…


Should probly add that the same way crit troops combat DoT on offense

They can on defense as well

And what does most used reds have? DoT(marj, gm, azlar, jf, colen, kelile, etc)

Plus reds are so low in attack anyways(base marj, boldtusk, wilbur, falcon, etc etc being under 700 attack…)

Once defense stat out arcs mono offense, it even further out arcs the tiles and even skill damage of other playstyles

Beating mono on an average or worse board(sometimes even a good opening board) is ultimate goal when setting up a defense imo

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Would love to see a team like that sometime… I get why the focus is usually on mana for that added speed on offense, but I myself couldn’t imagine trying to get some squishy key heroes like Hansel to survive without a good crit troop.

Yep, this is pretty much why I still have Scarlett+20 and can’t bring myself to take emblems off her – fast speed and has almost 900 attack before troops. Use her with red crit troop exclusively so she survives longer.

My red offense would be considerably worse without her. Can’t wait for her costume – even if it sucks, the bonus will make her even better than she is now.

She goes in my war backup red teams usually, which I’m in the process of testing against Telluria tanks as I raid. Been pleased with results so far but I’ll need more time to really see how successful it is.

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It’s honestly about time someone did some numbers with crit/ mana troops. I’ve used both in trial and error and just used my gut feeling which was better for certain heroes. But, yes if I thought it made that slight edge for the hero to stick around for one more “firing” the crit is worth it over speed


We have done calculations with Guin - with 30lvl mana, fully emblemed she was dying from mono purple 3 tiles with cumulative attack over 4500( not hard to achieve number). The only way she was surviving was with very high crit troop. As @Rigs said above, this is amplified with Telluria cause her def is much higher.


For sure… Telluria is there to buy time… if she isn’t taking out with tiles first round- she’s bought enough for GM and company. Makes total sense to crit troop to protect against tiles.

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Another thing to think about… I love BK but he’s Barbarian. So what I figured is instead of emblem him ( saved for others) you can high crit trooop him because his base defense and health will “beat” most offence attack stats with high enough crit troops… works well


True. Biggest thing i dont like about BK flank(idk how well he does flanking telluria so she’s not included in this observation) is that attacker has more time to charge a dispel by the time he fires from flank

I think next year if we see a red tank push like we saw purple last year and green this year then he’ll definitely be a nice fallback for those that don’t snag the flavor of 2021


I can attest to the Guin experiment, she survived more with my crit troop than my mana troop.

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Just finished S2 Normal during the current Atlantis Rises and got my 2 ETT and pulled my first 4* green troop and red troop, both crit. Since I’m running Telly tank and have Heimdall waiting to be leveled, I guess I’ll build up this green crit troop. Also, its almost a month after OP started this thread and now I see almost everyone uses crit troop on Telluria for their defense team.

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