Do you think a mono purple defense would work well as a main defense?

I have kunchen with i think 17 emblems as my tank and I have a quintus with 14 emblems and a fully leveled costume. I just pulled aeron and when fully leveled can bring him to 17 emblems. If I was ever lucky enough to pull ursena or guardian panther or both and could level both should I try an all purple defense? I was thinking either it could be really good against a yellow offense since every attack would be worth double or it could be bad with a yellow board. Thoughts?

With Ursena+18, Kage+18, Kunchen +9, Jabberwock +14, Proteus +18, I can hold about 2600 trophies. That stack does eliminate both strong and weak attackers. A good red, blue or green stack will work well attacking it.

So yes, it will work for raid defense. It might let your Alliance down if they prefer other color tanks for wars.

Edit: I don’t recommend trying to build a mono defense. A rainbow team with good defensive synergy is usually the best choice.


I dont belive in mono defense. I somethimes see when raiding, people who forgot their titan team has defense and I hit play with a counter mono team…puf. I dont think twice


I think a mono defense is terrible. You’re allowing your opponent to do extra damage to not only your tank, but your entire team by stacking.


Mono defence dont even work that well in tourney. What most players forget with mono is that their troops are rarely equal. Unless you have a full set of strong troops you are immediately loosing out. Mono gains no stack strength as there are no tiles in play on defence so all you are doing is giving an advantage to the attacker

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I believe your Kunchen+Ursena make the difference. Kunchen+9 is strong enough to stand a direct hit from most Holy teams and if Ursena fires her special, any holy team is doomed.

I would rather attack such defense with another mono (possibly bringing dispellers) than using holy.


Yeah no, still a major issue on mono purple defense is the probability that a mono yellow can use any 3 yellow tiles, not only on the tank, to bust one defending hero.

So, maybe yes, ursena+19 as tank could work on mono purple, because all attackers that cant instant kill ursena, will lose. But many other attacks with “just normal” yellows will win.

Thank you everyone. I’ll keep my defense as is since it’s good for 2500-2700 trophies. Sometime I have an idea and I like to get a few opinions on it when I can’t find anything to read on it.

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I like my chops when i see a mono def. They are the EASIEST to kill no matter the color of heros.

Might as well bring in Mok-Arr if you’re running mono purple lol