Do you dare read this entire recruitment add?

Who are we?
We are a group of experienced players (all 4+ years ingame) and after cleanup we’ve decided to use our experience to train newer players. BUT(!) we also need you, new people! For instance, in alliance wars we could use a larger team with people who can do the cleanup strikes. That might sound like being the garbageman, but I promise we’ll make you a garbageman statue and celebrate your name with beer and free bamboo…still a Panda, after all.

Also, we smack titans and stuff, bladibla which I every now and then run over with my Pandatruck, should it try to escape.

Who am I?
Howdy, my name is Sir Trähöger or as my alliance friends refer to me “Sir PandaFace”.

Having fought in many alliances I’ve taken it upon myself to become the recruiter for my current alliance, the Cat Fighters. Simply put, “The Cat Fighters” rock and for them, I hope I can convince you to join!

What do we want from you?

  • We need new players, inexperienced and experienced.
  • We use a monthly rotated tank in wars
  • We use all war flags when opted in
  • We don’t care about number of titan flags, as long as it’s dead at the end of the day
  • Rude language, childish attitude gets you kicked
  • Failure to the above rules will get you demoted and if on lowest rank, kicked

Come and have a look, stay awhile and decide for yourself whether we are worth your time and jokes.

I salute you, Sir Pandaface.


I salute u, and wish you every happiness. Good luck to you and the cats. :popcorn: :kiss:


Hi Sir Panda Face,

I wish you best of luck with your search. I hope you find the players that you are looking for.

Off chance if you do not find the players that you are looking for please feel free to come and check our alliance. May be we can merge. We seem to have similar fillings toward the game.

Please see link below for more about our alliance.

Thank you

Thank you, Mistress. (Fun name, when people reply to you as Mistress.) :smiley:


Hej @GlootingMoose !

Thanks for replying. Yeah, sounds like our alliances are similair in goals. We being the smaller one with around 12 members.

In our alliance we discussed the option of a merger a couple of weeks back, since our 12 members are loyal but growing our alliance again is hard since we’re not attractive enough with only 12 members (I assume). So far we got only rubbish players who do not chat, not even friendly chat and who do opt in for wars but never actually use flags. We are not competitive, we are teamplayers, so we do wish to score an alliance win together and have fun.

IF we consider a merger, which to me sounds like a possible option, I would like to know how you feel like getting this done.

I have my own opinion as well on how to succesfully do this, but I would love to hear your ideas first. :slight_smile:

Hope to be hearing from ya!

Kind panda regards!

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Hi @Sir_Traehoger! Check out Shadow Elysium looking for new members or a merger!

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@GlootingMoose How can we come into contact with you or your alliance?

This is the best place to reach out to me. I will talk to my alliance today and get back to you about my merge ideas.

I would like to approach this very carefully with my alliance because I would like to guarantee a success full merge for both alliances.

That is being said feel free to join our alliance for a quick chat if you like to know more about our alliance.

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Hej @GlootingMoose !

Sounds like a plan, discuss it and I will visit you after the oncoming alliance war is done. See you later this week. Let’s explore the options and opinions of our alliance members. :slight_smile:

Same for us, a merger can be a total mess. Loss of identity and other worries. However, that’s in part why I proposed for instance to really start anew, with a new both of our alliances can agree on for instance. But, I’ll visit and we’ll see. By then you can already have had the discussion. Currently we have 12 members, which might bring us to a total of more than 30, but that’s just one of the details we have to discuss.

C ya soon! And this is also a good place to reach me. :smiley:

Hi @MagicRebel Might just do that, but am first going to see if @GlootingMoose 's alliance is a fun group. Will let you know in this thread how things turn out.

Great @Sir_Traehoger , we are open for discussions if that doesn’t match what you are looking for (they seem like a nice group as well).

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I feel little bit you are having ego that every body should call you as “Sir” because this is highest respected civilian award given by the British Government. If you are really entitiled this award I am very happy to join

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On the contrary @bitra77777 . I prefer to starve the ego. The title Sir was bestowed upon me by others due to my friendly, patient en helpful nature. So, yeah, I am entitled to this title which is also given in the kingdom of Correlia to any who have proven their worth to their fellow player. :wink:

Hello Sir PandaFace,

It was an honor to be part of your alliance even if it was a very short time. The cat fighters are fun bunch. Even though we lost the war due to 12 flags left on the war board. Everyone had high spirits. This is our kind of thing. Seems like everyone in your alliance are aware this just a game and there is a real life out there.

I am going to talk to my alliance members. Lets see what do they think about the merger and what would bring two alliances.

Thank you for the opportunity. I have never played in another alliance.

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Hello @GlootingMoose !

Likewise, was nice being in your alliance for a while. What I heard from your members is that they are open for new blood but are not planning on changing the alliance to become any more professional, but they want it to remain fun. The game is just a game. I feel like my alliance is like-minded on that thought and most other parts as well, however, both your and my alliance appear to me as not willing enough to change anything. Personally I am open to a merger because I am loyal to the people. The name or size or whatever of the alliance doesn’t matter to me. However, I also have the feeling that from both sides there isn’t enough willingness to try this merger.

Besides that, three of my alliance members had a really bad impression of you which I totally do not recognize in my communication with you. They were frustrated that you had any comments on their war defense?! I totally do not recognize your way of communication as you are, at least to me, friendly and open in this forum and in the alliance where I spoke to you. However, these three members got the impression that merging with your alliance would mean a lot of micro-management and my alliance members want this to remain ‘just a game’. (So, the be clear, I really enjoy our communication and am very very surprised that some of my alliance members were offended in any way.)

So, in the end, I believe the facts state that the merger would be a good idea, since both parties just want to have a nice and friendly group to enjoy the game with. But in the end, both sides also expressed their wish to not change too much.

Leaving me to the conclusion…no merger. Unfortunately.

Any additions to that from your side? Feel free to share your thoughts, I am not easily offended, so I am curious what you thoughts of my group. In the very least my alliance and I might learn something from it.

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Hello Sir PandaFace,

I think, it is my fault that your alliance members thing that I tried to micro manage them. I am so get used people asking me for war defense advice in my alliance, I start giving unsolicited advice to my team members and this always has been welcome. Unfortunately, old habits dies hard. So, when Icarus ask for advice, I did not stop with him and offered advice to some other people who did not ask for it. As I said old habits die hard. That is being said, my advise is merely a recommendation. Every player has a right to play the game they find it fun and entertaining.

I understand your alliance members. It is better to have someone new than a team that has established rules and a team dynamic. But unfortunately, E&P player base is shrinking and finding a dedicated new or experienced player for an alliance will only get harder and harder. This why I believe merger would be very beneficial for our alliances.

Neither alliances would be able to make to legendary stage of Alliance Quest. Both alliances stuck on 7-8* titan. Merge would solve this problem for both alliances. In addition, both alliances would reduce their weakness. For example during war Cat Fighters used I believe only 4 flags during first 12 hours of the war. Instead of taking weak teams out and taking them out again within 6 hours. We have players who show up as soon as war starts and take out the weak teams. It is not because we require them to they just do it. Our weakness is we do not have many strong war defense teams. The cat
Fighter’s could be great help to us in this matter. Our alliance members are dedicated to our alliance but they are dedicated to go game as much. So, they do not invest as much time as they used to.

My understanding is that my alliance members did not like the word merger. They simply want you to join us.

My alliance has been always open to new members . And if you alliances members change their mind please know that our door is always open.

It was pleasure meeting and communicating with you and I hope our roads will cross in future again.

Thank you

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I agree with you 100%. This is exactly what I thought and also what I expected concerning the wrong impression. I work with people a lot and I judged you as a good person, even though some alliance members misunderstood you well meant advice. Agree on that we can help each other. I will relay the things you said and will think about this, because I’m still on board for merging. For now, thank you! :slight_smile:

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Can I just say that this thread is remarkably pleasant, well thought-out and civil. It’s one of the good sides of the game! Well done both and good luck if you do try the merger. Keep us posted!


Thank you @JaR82 ,

we try to. The world has more than enough toxic in it. But…luckily also a lot of good things and good people. It is very nice (and important) that you pointed this out. :slight_smile:

We need more positive in the world, cause in the end we all just want to be happy and accepted.

So much for the I-should-start-growing-a-grey-beard moment. :wink:

Have a good day!

Sir Pandaface


@GlootingMoose Howdy, how’s your crew doing? Currently we have even more members leaving due to the alliance becoming too small. My crew still votes for rebuilding instead of anything else, which I will help doing together with them. However, I am thinking about joining another alliance, since for me the fun is meeting other people and playing casually and well…when there are so few…there isn’t a lot of things to do together, at all.

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