Join the family of FLAMING KITTENS!

:fire:Flaming Kittens :cat:

Want a drama free Alliance that RESPECTS all?

We are a great Alliance that have forged great friendships.

We are all adults and look for mature and responsible players.

Love to War and Kill Titans. We use 100% of flags.

We are dedicated to each other.

If this is what you want, come and give us a try.
You have nothing to lose and everything to win.

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@Rook @Brobb Just tagging you because I thought you’d be amused (or terrified) by the alliance name. :smile:


Best alliance evah!!

I would not trade this Alliance for any other. Fantastic group of people. Fully supportive and dedicated to each other.

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I love your name! Please tell folks if you have any special requirements for joining. Good luck with recruitment!

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Thank You @Rook!! Our leader came up with it, but the r at of us suddenly realized how quirky and fun the name was – which also represents who we are :grin:

Wanna join? :grimacing:

The cats at my alliance would promptly kill me if I jumped ship. Thanks for the offer though!! :grin:

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Lol. It was worth a shot! :laughing:

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Our requirements are 18+ years of age and a team power of at least 3000. Trophy count is not important.

As a member of this Alliance I can say that it is a great one!
Not having the same argument 2X a week about someone not using ALL their war flags has cut drama out of our equation, we have fun, laugh, and with a team only half full we are taking out 7 & 8 star titans.

If you are thinking about leaving an alliance because they don’t use flags but you wanna take people with you, do it! We still have tons of space and little turn over. If your team power level is a little on the low side, it’s okay, we can make exceptions for the right people, and have a Discord channel where we talk growth, strategy, and nonsense.

Hope to see you soon!

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Still looking for 12 good members, won our last war 100% flags used.

Our roster is now full and have a solid group of dedicated people. We are now taking down 9* and 10* Titans.

Alliances are permitted one AR thread only. Since you have opened a new thread, I’m closing this old one. Carry on.

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