Is it possible for war?

Im curious, has it been tried for war where only Elders or higher ranked can participate in War? It would help out with players in war that dont use flags but help with titans. I hate to kick members that can hit titans or just members that suddenly got inactive due to life.
I onow many ask why cant the leader remove members from war or allow the leader to press a button on a member that will do autofill and autoplay to use flags?
Or have another ranking added, Member, Warrior, Elder, CoLeader, Leader? Members can participate in mythic titans, Warriors can participate in Wars, Elders and higher can participate in everything?
Im just curious because we had a member leave because of two members, they use their flags every other war but they were great members for almost 2 years, just they have been busy here lately in real life.
Anyways, im just curious if thats anything you have in the works?


Not something in the works afaik, but often requested

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