Do Minions hit opponents as the same color as their host? Do they have strong/weak/neutral damage?

Do minions hit opponents as the same color as their host or the heroes they are guarding?

My understanding is that Minions are indeed the same color as their hosts, and damage is calculated accordingly.

Searching around a bit seems to confirm that:

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Minions also inherit the Talents of their host.


WOW! Thanks Zephyr! This is all great info.

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You’re welcome!

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Sorry for hijacking your topic, but I also have a minion related question.

Do different colored minions cascade?
If yes, to a maximum even higher than 3 per dude?

Would be cool to have a minion caster, where the minions would inherit the color of the minion stuffed heroes.

If I’m understanding what you mean, this is how it works currently.

If, for example, Delilah casts, the Minions she creates have the color (and talents) of each of their owners, not of Delilah. So a Minion made by Delilah on Grimm would be blue and have a chance to proc Wound, for example.

Minions are normally capped to 3 per hero, with each subsequent new one replacing the oldest one.

I did see something the other day where someone thought they’d seen more show up, which may have been a bug.

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Thx. Exactly like expected.

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I’ve heard rumors of four Thorn Minions.


If that’s possible, I wonder how normal minions would work with them.

Possibly there are several glitches and small bugs between similar specials and talents. But nothing harmful or that couldn’t be solved within the next few updates.