How do minions reduce damages taken from CS?

Hello everyone,

Fastly searched if there already were a topic talking about that but didn’t find it. Sorry if it’s the case anyway.

There is my question : how do minions reduce damages taken from CS ?

I just did a raid where all my heroes had a minion with 140 hp. One of them was Caedmon, with (roughly) 500 HP left & who got hit by Sartana.

I just got a HUGE surprise of the damages he took. Like, he had 500 hp, was waithing him to die but he only took like 200 damages (sorry, didn’t notice the accurate numbers but he really didn’t get hurt that much).

So, how do minions reduce damages ? Do they have armor ? If they have 150 hp, do they reduce damages by 150 ? Or what ?

Thanks for your help !

Every minion borrow some caster’s HP% and some of them even some ATK%.
For damage prevention they work as additional HP and they just use the DEF of the hero they are on.


Thank you Sir ! Couldn’t expect a clearer answer

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