Do I move my emblems from Grim to GM?

I have a full ascended 5* team 3 with emblems. I don’t have depth in blue (no other 5* blues). Do I keep the roster as is or do I push the emblems from Grim to G.M. With my current team I seam to be able to stay in the diamond raid arena. Grimbis still vulnerable but it helps to bring him in with Magni when facing a red tank.

If you don’t mind the irretrievable food and iron spent on embleming Grimm, then go use a reset token to get those emblems back and use it on GM. You should have planned and thought all of these before placing talents on your 4 star heroes.

@Ultra, switching emblems was my original plan. Grim was my first full 4* and first to get emblems and fought valiantly in raids, and wars while I was building my 5* team. I was hoping to have at least another 5× blue hei by now but lady luck has not heard my plight yet. Eventually the swop will take place but I am not sure if it is the opportune move to make now.


Then you just answered your own question. Follow your plan. At any rate, placing emblems to Gravymaker couldn’t be a mistake, not even minutely. As long as you have TC20 queued up, or summon every now and then using A.Coins, gems or EHT, you always have the chance to get a 5 star ice hero. Just be patient and wish for luck. Actually, the best advise I can give you in summoning or training, especially on a limited or lack of budget, is NOT TO EXPECT ANYTHING. By doing so, this game gives more than you could ever anticipate, and from time to time, leaves a smile on your face. Let it surprise you. It’s less stress that way. Learn from the Mystic Vision.


I moved my emblems from Grim to GM and it was a good decision.


It is allways strange to me how people wont use their emblems waiting for a better hero ir 5*.

Emblems in the bank is worthless. They need to be on the field- wars titans and raids. Then they mean something.

Of course once a better hero comes along they need to be transfered.GM is obviously that hero! But you will miss all that hard work Grimm has been doing on the side.


@BraveSmart1652 i agree with you… Those emblems are gaining much benefit when it’s assigned and the reset was not that expensive. Definitely worth storing up emblams on 4* till the right 5* comes along.

Grimm was my first fully ascended 4* hero. I will certainly miss him but fortunately in blue I still have Magni with emblems and Boril with emblems in myvroster to provide support. Grimm still adds good depth in my team as a full 4*

I would for sure but thats me

Yeh definently throw em on GM. I resently reset Kage tier 8 to throw em on GM. Both great Barbs but scoring Seshat I didn’t want to run two Barbs on Defence so Kage got benched and Seshat filled in for purple.
GM on emblems is insane and glad you made the right choice ! :slight_smile:

I do agree with using the emblems on the classes (4*) that you do not have a 5* in that classed maxed. I still have Boldtusk tier 20 as do not have a 5* fighter maxed, but the day will certainly come when Boldtusk gets stripped.

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@TofuTurkey asks for sharing your views. Boldtusk fortunately remains an asset even when you strip him of his emblems for a 5*… Especially if he supports a strong 5* team.

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