Do 2× Daily Summons from VIP accumulate? / Can you save up VIP Bonus Daily Summons from multiple days? [No, they don’t accumulate, only Summon Tokens do]

Hello everyone & happy holidays!
I have the VIP pass which gives 2 × daily tokens.
Does those accumulate, if I want to save them for awhile?
The reason why I ask is, you can’t really see it at the gate.

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It’s not a token
Daily free summon in VIP mode gives you 2 heroes or troups instead of one.
If not used it’s lost.


Its not lost you can save them but you wont be able to do them in twos will have to do them 1 at a time

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Unfortunately no. You must seize the occasion of the invocation x2 otherwise it will be lost.

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I wasn’t sure of that! Thank you guys for the replies


You can save them but you can’t get more if you don’t use them. The 24 hour counter will only be restarted after using the 2× free daily summon.

Need to distinguish tokens from the 2x daily summons (which is not a token, as noted above). Tokens accumulate. The 2x daily summons does not. You need to use it to restart the clock each day. There is a thread on here somewhere about it already.
Edited to add: Not logging in for prolonged periods – do VIP daily rewards accumulate? - No, despawn after 24 hours




I log into my account daily and collect from the vip and save them they show as free tokens in the summons portal. Right now I am approaching 100… And would bet there is people with MANY MANY more…

So I I get this correctly - don’t pull them from VIP and they don’t accumulate, pull them from VIP and they will accumulate in the summoning gate. Is this accurate?

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Yes that is correct :+1:

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So as long you pull them from the VIP you don’t have to also pull them from the portal to restart the clock? I understood the other thread to be saying the opposite—must have misunderstood.

That is not how it works. VIP double the number of daily summon. After your VIP is active, you don’t need to collect it from VIP, you just summon through the portal just as if you don’t have VIP but instead of 1 free summon you will get 2 free summons.

You don’t collect free tokens from VIP. What you can collect is 30 gems, 1 emblem, and 3 loot tickets.

Daily summons and VIP dragon have different timer unconnected to each other. Items from VIP dragon accumulate, silver tokens accumulate but free daily summons do not as they are not token.


That’s how I thought it worked, but thought they were saying something different, and I don’t pay enough attention to the summons part to argue.

you are right i misstated…I am sorry @General_Confusion i was thinking backwards

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Does the Summons Portal save all extra daily summons tokens if we do not use them several days in a row?

I saved all tokens since the end of the last POV. When the new POV started today, there was only 1 double pull in the bunch of daily summons. I did not keep track of tokens won as rewards so have no way of knowing. Just trying to confirm an assumption.


No, they are not saved and must be used daily

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They are not free daily tokens, but just free daily pulls. They disappear if you not use them.

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@DragonSnake has the truth of it. Free daily summons (one free,one extra for VIP) are not saved, only silver tokens


Is there a way to use the “daily” summons but save the “coins”?

I certainly don’t want to lose anything, but I want to accumulate pulls so that I can level up a hero (Vela, currently sitting at 3.70) quickly when I earn a farsighted telescope in May.

Is the “daily” summon the first in the list so that I could just use it and leave the others?

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