Not logging in for prolonged periods – do VIP daily rewards accumulate? - No, despawn after 24 hours


I have started to pay for VIP to collect extra gems and daily summon. I work offshore so may be unable to get WiFi for up to a month at a time depending on which vessel I am on. If I can’t log in for say 10 days, does my gems and summons accumulate so I’d get 300 and 20 summons, or does it just give those for the day you log in?


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Unfortunately you have to collect daily or they are lost :frowning:


That has to be changed imho at least for the gems, since you have paid for it, but should accumulate gems and summons, at least until ViP ends up.


That is rubbish! I can go away on only a days notice, so could possibly pay for a month and get maybe a day or two’s worth of gems/summons. Terrible. Cheers for the replies :blush:


As others said, it does require daily collection.

The VIP shop description confirms this too, in the teeniest, tiniest text possible:



Didn’t notice that, guess I didn’t pay enough attention. Cheers.

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It’s quite easy to miss… :mag:

Nonetheless, hope your timing works out, and your offshore work goes well!


Do the daily summons stockpile?

I rage quit for 120 days, you lose everything, gems, Summons, loot tickets, emblems, the works.

Gryphonkit, my wife, and I got 2x 365 day VIP PASS to support the Devs. Since she loves the game, and never quit, money well spent for us.

But your mileage may vary.


If you log in daily they stockpile. I waited 5 days to see if I could 10 pull with them, but only got to do them individually.

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