[Discussion] Going DEF > ATK > HP for Monks?

I couldn’t copy-paste it. Here is what I wrote on the in-game Alliance Chat:

at the very end I said “ATK or HP”. It can’t be seen on the image because something is overlapping.

I have 4* Crit Troop for both Green and Yellow(LV1 and LV11 respectively), and I’m currently upgrading both 3* Troops that give no Health bonus for Green and Yellow, the “balanced” ones.
I also have an extra 4* Yellow Crit Troop (LV1).

So, what do you think of DEF>ATK>HP route for Li Xiu and for Costume Isshtak? And in general what do you think of this route for MONK Class?

Apologies for the inconvenience since this post didn’t turn out how it is normally supposed to(but
I would really appreciate it if you did the effort to go through it anyway lol), and thanks in advance.

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On the Monk Grid, this will change exactly two choices… 2/3, and 16/17, for a total of +30 ATT / -72 HP over the more traditional DEF > HP > ATT.

I’m not sure this would be justified for Li Xiu, as her AOE doesn’t make the best use of ATT as it is. Isshtak [Ancestor] also has a low % on his Tackle attack, so I can’t see it being all that much better there either.

Isshtak [Ancestor] in particular really needs every defensive point he can, because of the very low DEF score. I just can’t see the trade being a good one in either case.

But, I am often wrong. Someone correct me?

But we can utilize troop preference too.
What if we used the balanced 3* Troop that literally adds zero value to your HP nodes while giving you %8 Critic? And we could combine that %8 with the 10th node that gives you %2 more?
We can also prefer 4* Crit Troops, which synergizes way better with your ATK and DEF nodes than HP nodes.

And as for their skills not making the best use of ATK nodes: they have “normal attacks” too, and likely to have some critic chance too.

Still not viable? :thinking:

Any build is viable. Let me rephrase: With only two swaps, and minimal Skill support, this change is a small one that I feel is unlikely to have a major effect either way. For Ishhtak [Ancestor], his low initial DEF means survivability is his main issue, and I feel like the only reason I would choose to use him is to get that Shatter skill into play. Since it is a flat rate (44%) with no advantage to ATT, I would put every single node I could into protecting him so he would live to use that skill.

With respect to the troops and Crit, I felt like you would use Crit troops/nodes no matter what, so I didn’t really factor it in.

You might be right about Isshtak.

But I personally still don’t feel like having just 72 more HP on your Li Xiu would win you a lot of raids. It should be really rare that she will get to fire her special before she dies thanks to that last 72 HP.
I think having 30 more ATK would have more effect especially if you have Yellow Crit Troops(which I thankfully do).

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For what it’s worth, I do have Li Xiu, I do use her all the time, and I do use her with Crit Troops. I started out with her on DEF > HP > ATT, and I changed it to ATT > DEF > HP when it became clear that Chao wasn’t any better. :laughing:

She is extremely valuable in my assault unit, with Vivica [Magician] and Guardian Jackal… but I can count the number of times Xiu has rescued me alone, after her friends have died, on one hand. Very… average.

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I’m bumping this topic once hoping for more comments.

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