Difference between card descriptions and on gameplay

Hi all.
So, I noticed a few days ago that the poison damage applied by my CDomithia was bigger than the one that says on her description.
Than I did few tests I saw that it happens to all my heroes that apply poison or burn damage.
It’s great that it’s better on the game play, but I just wanna know the reason why it happens.
I show here Marjana and Proteus.
On top the description of the card, down the hero on the game play.

When you’re fighting you also have troops beside your heroes. Their attack bonus will increase the Poison/Burn/etc damage that they do because that amount is calculated as a percentage of your hero’s attack stat.


Oh, ok.
I didn’t know that the attack bonus of troops increase also the poison/burn that they do.
I thought that it only increases the attack of the heroes.

Troops not only increase the stats of the heroes they are supporting, but also increase the Damage Over Time. Emblems and other hero buffs that increase the attack stat of heroes dealing DOT also may increase the DOT’s damage.


Always learning :wink:

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Read more here: Understanding DoT (Damage over Time)


Really interesting. Ty so much
I didn’t know that troops affect DOT

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