Did I miss something on normal raid matchups?

I just got matched up with a defense team that was over 800pts below me.
I thought the parameters were ±300?
Am I missing something here?

No screeny?

So you are talking about Team Power, right? Because 800 cups below you would be, what, 2 leagues?

I believe it’s ±300 cups, not Power, in which case you just bumped into a cup dropper.



Yeah, i just realized my mind fart.
I was talking about team power, not cup level.

My bad. I’m tired.

Mods can feel free to close this thread at will :slight_smile:

Just one of those moments. To be fair, I just about didn’t answer because I was suddenly worried that I wasn’t sure either. :rofl:


Thanks for the reply.

20 goblin balloons of HAHAHHAHAHAHAH

Thought raids relied solely on cups - not team power?

FWIW for revenge raids against a cup dropper you can end up with an 800 cup difference.

Well, I dont want to confuse anyone (since I confused myself)I

This was as straight up raid, not a revenge raid.

I ran a few more raids, and our cup levels were within parameters, ±300
TP was quite disparate.