Raids and constant defeat

I have logged on three days in a row to this:

Or something very much like it. I’ve been knocked down 600 plus cups, and I would really like to know how I keep getting hammered. Something smells rotten about this.

Post your defensive team…and how high do you raid up to cup-wise before logging off?

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they hit a jackpot of ham and iron :joy:

sorry, I know it is not funny for you but the key might be to answer questions asked by @Rduke77

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LOL! Holy cow, they did! I didn’t notice before you said!

Id say you’ve accidentally changed your defense team to one you set up for a specialty raid.

Is it odd that the lost ham and silver is the same amount every time and even with large chunks of time between attacks?

That must be the total he’s lost over night, you can’t get that much from a single raid.

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Defensive team was the issue. Somehow it got swapped from my normal team to my second string 3*.

Heh, I bet everyone who attacked you was muttering “blasted cup droppers…”

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