Two Bonus Zulag pulls this month

So I’ve pulled 2 Zulags this month. Was tinkering with the idea of having each of them on the flank with Kashrrek at tank for my defense team. Any thoughts?

Kasshrek is a good tank for a 4* and up to low platinum arena, but 5* flanks need a 5* tank.
I’d think of a yellow tank.

Then you will have 3 heroes passive enough for you to lose defensively. Simple as that.


Correction make that three Zulags. I dont pay for gems either.

None of the center heroes really do anything to threaten the attacker.

I would attack that team regardless of who your wings are. Sabina + 4 yellow heroes (probably Joon, Neith, Leonidas and cLi Xiu). Easy win, that team will ensure the wings never fire with 3 mana control heroes + Sabina will just dispel the center with no issues.

But, congrats on your Zulags! :slight_smile: I think she can be a useful hero for offense myself. I’m not sure on defense – she is a bit too passive which buys time for the attacker, so she’d need some offensive support to really be valuable there.

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I wonder, could this work with say an Onatel tank and fast sniper wings? Another future intriguing option would be sniper, Zulag, Thor, Zulag, Sniper. Very fast hitting all could be punishing if the Zulags keep him alive.

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