Help me build a better defense team!

Okay so I have an assortment of heroes, been playing around with different combos for my raid / AW defense teams, and every time I think I have them lined up right, a bunch of jerks come and steal my cups. So I’m going to turn to you forum regulars, masters of the game, holders of top 100 titles and diamond tier numbers of cups, to give me some advice on the best way to line up my generic sub-par heroes in the arrangement that is least likely to surrender the few trophies I have left.

Here is what I have for each color (not including my many maxed 3* heroes or unascended 4* s):


Gormek, 4/70, emblemed
Scarlett, 4/70, emblemed
Boldtusk, 4/60, will be done and emblemed soon
Kelile, 3/60, not enough AM to final ascend
Colen, 3/60, not enough AM


Sonya, 4/70, emblemed
Agwe, 4/70, emblemed
Richard, 3/70, not enough AM to final ascend
Grimm, 4/32, will be finished eventually but will need to share emblems with Gormek


Melendor, 4/70, emblemed
Kashrek, 4/70, emblemed
Buddy, 3/60, not enough AM
Little John, 3/60, not enough AM


Chao, 4/70, emblemed
Wu Kong, 4/70, emblemed
Chao #2, 4/35, will not emblem due to redundancy


Rigard, 4/70, emblemed
Ameonna, 4/70, emblemed
Cyprian, 4/62, will emblem when finished
Obakan, 3/70, not enough AM to final ascend

Also waiting in the wings to be leveled later on:
Gafar, Rigard #2, Boldtusk #2, Kelile #2

Is there any hope of creating a decent team out of these trash heroes, or should I just uninstall and download Candy Crush instead? :laughing:

I would go with Melendor-Boldtusk(once leveled)-Cyprian-Chao-Sonya. A couple of healers along with Cyprian could easily steal some tropies and having BT go off before Chao and Sonya is a must. Or you could go BT-Sonya-Cyprian-Chao-Melendor since Melendor doesn’t need to go off before anyone else.


Is Cyprian viable before hitting max?

Normally I try to set Melendor to fire before my hitters, but now that I’ve got Sonya finished, she can take care of the debuffing, so that makes sense.

I’ve been (apparently mistakenly) testing Gormek and Kashrek as tanks, since I know Kash is very tanky vs. lower level teams and Gormek has a ton of HP, but they seemingly haven’t posed much of a threat to the higher level teams I usually get attacked by.

Good advice, I’ve been rush leveling BT since I was finally lucky enough to pull him, and he should be done soon (the last 10 levels are always the hardest to finish, but I can just stack all colored fodder on him since his special attack and ascensions are already done).

I have Gormek but I haven’t leveled him yet, so I’m not sure how he would work as a tank. Kashhrek is a good tank but fire heroes are too prevelant in the game to consider using a nature tank. At 4-62 Cyprian is a good enough tank but you’ll want to finish him off ASAP and get some emblems on him.

Luckily Cyprian is a Paladin and I haven’t used any Paladin emblems yet, so yep, he’ll definitely be emblemed. :wink:

Gormek at 4/70 has a boatload of health points, though he might not have the shield strength to properly defend them, especially against a team stacking blue (which means putting him on my war defense teams means I’m giving up additional war points when somebody takes him out). I’ve been focusing his emblems on increasing his attack and shield since he already has enough health.

Definitely going to focus on finishing BT and Cyprian (they were already my main focuses anyway, but I might start neglecting Chao and Grimm until they’re finished). Thanks for the advice :+1:

Still open to advice from other players though, too. Agree with this strategy? Disagree? Why or why not?

Also does your Alliance use coordinated tank colors for wars? If they do I might get with one of the mlre experienced players in your alliance for a war defense team.

No, we don’t do that. We’re a smaller alliance of mostly newer players, and sadly I am the most experienced. :laughing: But we have fun, and usually perform well overall.

Even as a smaller alliance I would work with them towards getting a coordinated tank color. It’s a big enough benefit during war.


Solid D once Cyp is maxed.

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Right now we pretty much work with what we’ve got. We’ve got one player with Wu Kong on his defense team because he doesn’t have any better yellows. :man_shrugging:

So you’re in support of a Kash tank, in spite of the possibility of opponents going heavy on red for offense?

There’s a risk always with Kash. Swap Sonya for BT and you may get her to fire a few off before Kash is dead. I do like Sonya Left Wing to get rid of those enemy buffs first.

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Makes sense. Okay, so I guess my main goal should be finishing BT and Cyprian.

Thanks guys :+1:

Shoot… slight miscalculation. Turns out Sonya is a Paladin too, so all of my Paladin emblems are on her currently. Not a big issue, I’ll just use a reset and split them once Cyp is done.

Okay, well at least BT is fighter class and I haven’t used those yet, so he won’t have to share.

Going to test 2 of the proposed teams, 1 for raid defense and 1 for war defense.

Those aren’t sub-par heroes. That said, I don’t live in Diamond tier; in mid-high Platinum often.
Losing cups is normal and fine, gives you revenge options without using food to search…

I’d use Sonya, Cyprian, Kashhrek, Boldtusk, and Wu Kong. I know Wu is not good at defense, but he’s better than Chao. You could also go no yellow, and use Rigard there. Kashhrek is good as a tank until he isn’t, and that’s somewhere in Platinum. I tend to go double riposte flanking Kashhrek, which really seems to limit the # of attacks I see, and sometime I get cups from people who fail to know how to beat it.

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I know, I was half joking. Not all of my heroes are sub-par, they’re just not as good as most of the 5* teams that attack me.

I personally love Wu on offense. I wish I had a Li Xiu instead of Chao for defense (her mana steal can be very irritating). But I don’t, so I go Chao.

I hesitate to go anything other than rainbow on defense, because then I’m just setting myself up to be raided by color stackers.

I’m perfectly happy to sit in Platinum. I know I could potentially reach Diamond, but it would be short lived and I would quickly lose 100+ trophies as soon as I logged off. What bugs me is that occasionally I get knocked down to Gold. If my 3500+ defense team is getting knocked down to Gold tier, even briefly, I’m obviously doing something very, very wrong.

Sorry for reviving this thread, just wanted to give a great big THANK YOU to you @Worldbreaker

My defense team is faring much better with your suggested setup. :smiley::+1:

Glad to hear that. Just keep up the hard work and I’m sure you’ll get to diamond in no time.

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I doubt I’ll get to diamond anytime soon, I’m just happy that I’m no longer losing trophies every day.

BT - Sonya - Kashrek - Cyprian - Chao

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