Help for setting a defense team

Hello all

I need help setting a defense team.
Until recently, I had only 6 maxed 4* heroes, so I didn’t have any question as who to use.
But with my TC20, and all the pulls I did during Christmas, I have now 12 heroes 4*, i have also gotten many ascension items, and I am lost.

So, what would be a good defense team for raid (I am in gold, sometimes in platinum but don’t stay there long) and, if different, for war?
Thanks in advance.

My heroes
Blue : Boril, Agwe
Red : Colen
Yellow : Li xiu
Purple : Merlin, Sabina, Rigard
Green : Melendor, Caedmon (mon only fast sniper), Little John, Kashrek, Buddy.

Hiya! And wecome to the forum!!

I’ll assume the heroes listed are maxed for this as there isn’t any evidence to the contrary.

Rigard -> Li Xiu -> Boril -> Colen -> Caedmon

Only major downside is that boril and Rigard are the same class… You can Put Sabina in the wing in the place of rigsrd so then all the heroes can get emblems.

Dang. There’s so much you can do. This early in the game, Kashhrek is probably your best tank. He has increased health for neighboring allies in which I would probably include Sabina and Boril in your Front 3 with wing attackers by Colen and Xiu.

Just for illustration’s sake, I would use this order:

Hi, thanks for your quick answer.

I have already six heroes that are maxed : Colen, Lixiu, Merlin, Sabina, Melendor and Kashrek.
I ascended Caedmon to his last tier yesterday, so he is on his way to be maxed.
I have the ascending material for Boril and another green and need 2 more trap tools for Rigard.


In that case max boril asap and run:

Sabina -> Li Xiu -> Boril -> Colen -> Caedmon.

In the interim maybe try:

Sabina -> Li Xiu -> kashhrek -> Colen -> Merlin

I agree with the listed heroes but would change the order to Caedmon-Rigard-Boril-Colen-Li Xiu.

Caedmon should be the left wing so as to dispel any buffs the attacker may have.
If the healer is in the corner, most heroes would be already dead until he’s charged up. Therefore, he needs to be a flank.

I deliberately wanted to keep Yellow and purple together. Reduces the tile impact of colour stacking :slight_smile:

Hello, thanks for all your answers.

I see that no one advised me to take Buddy as my def tank. So you consider that Kash and Boril are far better than him?

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