Defense line up - Gravemaker, kunchen, heimdall

Hi everyone, i recently pulled some good heroes and was wondering what you thought the best lineup would be on defense with this roster. would you put heimdall (once maxed out) as tank? I have enough paladin emblems to reach 7 or 8 talent level for him. Otherwise Kunchen as tank or wing? Gravemaker as tank or flank?
Im trying different layouts but i want to know what team would be the most annoying for you to face

In my honest opinion, yes - I would use Heimdall as Tank (100%) and probably flank with Jean Francois.
Good luck

On defense I would look at Heimdall as I look at Alberich or MN and would have him at left wing so that all revived heroes could fire.

But I may be wrong. I’ll probably take a closer look at Heimdall during next weekend’s Valhalla.

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