Defense Team needs work

Like any other new person I have made mistakes. But now I am reading the forums and trying to correct them. I am trying to put together the best defense team I can with what I have. I would like to know what I should continue to level what a can replace and what I should look out for in the future. I am also a little confused about the order.

Thanks for the help

These heroes are safe bets:

  • Dark
    • Rigard
    • Seshat
  • Holy
    • Wu Kong
    • Poseidon
    • Ranvir
  • Ice
    • Grimm
  • Nature
    • Lianna
    • The Hatter
  • Fire
    • Elena

I would suggest you to start leveling 4* heroes first and your 5* ones just when you would have ne needed materials to ascend them to their last ascension.

a good early defending team could be the one you just posted here above, just with higher levels heroes. I would wait a bit to ascend Lianna and would think twice for Khagan tough.



Hatter Rigs Posey Sesh Lianna

Thank you… So leave out li xiu for Wu or Poseidon… what order should I put them. And what don’t you like about khagan too slow?

Poseidon would be a good tank? Wasn’t sure

Even if he dies before his cast, the threat will go on with that team.

Good tank bad tank. I don’t care. I just put sb in that position to force a weak stack against my threatening flanks.

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