Defense Team Heroes Popularity


I made a list of who the top 100 players use the most as a part of their Defense Team:
(as of 22.4.2018 at 13:00 cet)


Please note that top 15 most popular choices includes exactly 3 heroes from each element.
And top 10 includes exactly 2 heroes from each element.
Another interesting fact is, that there are 7 HoTMs and 7 regular legendary heroes + 1 spec.event hero.

Other popular choices:

Let the debate begin: what is the best raid attack team and defense team?

Very nice thank you for this


great work. tanks for that😆


Bookmarked. :wink:

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What has changed?
9.6.2018 (as of 18:10 cet)

Other popular choices:


The cancer alberich is everywhere…


Yeah, but Zeline did really take over the stats, with Delilah, Alasie and Gravemaker already moving up.


@Pois1 do you intend to keep updating this?


Maybe I can do an update during this weekend.


excelente aporte, muchas gracias