Let the debate begin: what is the best raid attack team and defense team?

I’m curious to hear people’s opinions on what the best teams are for raiding and for defending raids, especially those with ridiculously high team power.

Let the debate begin.

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To me the best defending team could be
Alberich (M) - Hel (M) - Guinevere (Cr) - Magni (M) - Gravemaker (M)

(M) = mana 4* troop
(Cr) = crit 4* troop

For attacks one team could be the best for some encounters but not for others…


The best answer for this is “it depends”. That said, I’d like to see the theoretical perfect defense team if one had all heroes ever released at max level.

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Based on results, the most definitive answer is: whatever @Xero786 is using today.


It really doesn’t matter. Just stack 5 healers and people won’t attack you.

According to current top 100 players it is:
Alberich - Zeline - Guinevere - Sartana - Marjana
Magni follows very shortly.

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I expect to see more Gravemakers at the end of June in that top 100 :stuck_out_tongue:

So far there are 12 in top 100.


Yes, but not everyone can have the hero yet (or have it at 4.80).

This is awesome, thanks!

I would happily take down a 5 healer team. It might take longer but it can be done.

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