Defense Team: HELP!

I am really struggling with coming up with a solid defense team! My thoughts are Arthur, Boril, Kunchen, Kashrek, and possibly Tiburtus? All advice would be welcome. Many people have told me not to stack too many of one color, but I’ve seen multiple defense teams that are all one color. If so, Sonya wouldn’t be a bad bet. Thanks for the help :+1:t3:

Stacked defenses are mostly easier to beat than rainbows for several reasons.

The attackers can stack against your stack and gain massive tile damage.

You’ll need all the same ascension materials, so it’ll be much harder to max a heavy stacked team.

Also troops are a point, as it will be expensive or very grindy to get and level two ore more of one color.

I’d recommend a maximum of 2 same colored heroes on defense. If they’ll support each other with color links, it could be also a pro.

My suggestion for defense would be a rainbow, until you have heavy, fast mana hitters and/or first class healers and a wide bench of heroes to choose from.

Your suggestion contains only average and slow mana heroes. Try to include 3 or at least 2 fast or even very fast mana dudes in your defense.


Rigard Kashhrek Boldtusk Sonya Bane

Appreciate your advice! From the hero’s above do you have any suggestions for a solid roster? I just don’t want to waste assention materials and am trying to get the best defense I can with what I have. Thanks again :grin:

Edited my first with a suggestion…

Has cleanse, dispell, attack up and def down buffs, fast hitters and good healing and is a rainbow. Try several combinations to find good teams.

Later on you’ll probably go 5* only…

Using just the heroes you have, I would go;

Boldtusk, Boril, Kashrek, Tibs, Wu Kong.
Focus on these until they are all max level, or for ages you will have a roster of puny unlevelled heroes. Personally I level one hero at a time, see results quicker that way.

Could possibly swap Boril for Arthur or Grimm.
Kashrek is a good tank, very tough.

If you get Li Xiu, use her instead of Wu. Although level Wu anyway for titans.

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