Who should I use for what?

Still learning the ropes here, so I could use some help on who to use for what defense/attack team. Here’s who I have for 4* and 5* any help is appreciated.

Red: Puss in Boots, Gormek, Boldtusk, Colen, Reuben, Scarlett

Green: Kashrek, Melendor, Caedmon

Purple: Quintus, Tiburtus, Obakan

Blue: Sonya, Boril

Yellow: Li Xiu, Hu Tao, Wu Kong

I have several 3* but am wanting the strongest defense and attack I can get with what I have. Thanks!


BT - gormeck
Caedom - melendor
xiu - wu kong
Sonya - boril

Thats what I’d doo


Attack - depends who you are fighting. there are many styles, but when I was newer to the game I stacked 3/2 (3 of one color, 2 of another).

In the world map I usually look at the enemy and boss elements, and choose based on that (to have heroes either strong color or neutral color)

In raids and wars I look at the tank color.

Defense - I’m not an expert, but it will be helpful to know how many emblems each of your heroes has.

None of them are fully leveled at this point either because I just got them or I don’t have the ascension materials. I only have 2 4* troops as well. One blue and one yellow. Don’t know if that helps. Is it better to stack than have one of each color?

Stacking increases the power of tiles that hit enemies. Basically it considers the sum of the attack stats of all heroes of that color. So on offense/attack - better to stack

on defense, this does not apply, so generally better to have one hero per color (Rainbow).

what are their levels currently? if you’re just starting out and don’t have ascension materials - best to focus on one of each color. Start with 3s (because you can max them easily), then move to 4s, then slowly build up 5s. It takes a while to get all t he materials you need to ascend a single 5, after all.

Red: Puss in Boots, Gormek, Boldtusk, Colen, Reuben, Scarlett → do Scarlett first, fast speed + attack debuff will keep you alive. Then Boldtusk for the heal + attack boost, then Gormek for the defense debuff. (I am assuming you will do Melendor first to have a healer, so I recommend Scarlett first. if you do not work on Melendor, then do Boldtusk first. Gormek goes last because you have Tiburtus, who has the same special skill).

Green: Kashrek, Melendor, Caedmon → Melendor first, he heals and dispels, two very important thing. Then Caedmon (unless you have his costume, do Caedmon first). Leave Kashhrek for last (though if you get his costume it is very good!)

Purple: Quintus, Tiburtus, Obakan → Tiburtus, as the only 4*. the defense debuff is very good!

Blue: Sonya, Boril → Sonya for the dispel, fast mana and snipe. Then Boril, riposte is quite useful when starting out.

Yellow: Li Xiu, Hu Tao, Wu Kong → What kind of Titans are you fighting? If you are struggling, then Wu Kong to increase Titan score. otherwise, Li Xiu for the mana cut is useful against bosses and in raids.

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I’ve been working at this for some time but just joined a better alliance where the Titans are 5* and above. I also keep getting raided and losing which is why I’m now really starting to try to focus on what hero is best for what.

a lot of those heroes you have will be useful for many situations - IF you finish them one at a time. Ascension materials are rare - it takes time to get enough to ascend a 4*. and your heroes won’t do you any good if they are stuck at levels like that.

you are not yet at a point in the game where you can color stack. none of your 4*s is fully ascended yet.

It looks like you’ve ascended as many as you can do to 2nd ascension, but stopped them at level 1… the stat increase you get from that seems huge, but it’s not significant. you need to max your heroes out to get them to their full potential.

look at the levels of the heroes of the players who attack you and compare them to yours…

focus on one per color at a time.

i stand by my earlier advice. finish one at a time before starting to work on the next one.

but now…

Purple - how many Trap Tools do you have? Ascend Tiburtus as soon as you can.

Red - Colen and Gormek are already partially ascended, but you really need a healer. I would prioritize Boldtusk for now. Gormek can wait, you have Tiburtus who does the same thing. Colen is powerful, but Boldtusk will last you a longer time.

Yellow - ascend Li Xiu if you can. If not, work on Wu Kong - he is great for Titans. as soon as you get enough Magic Orbs, give them to Li Xiu – she is much farther ahead than Wu Kong is.

Green - finish Caedmon to 3/60, ascend him if you can. if not, work on Melendor. ascend Caedmon as soon as you can.

Blue - Ascend Boril if you can. if not, work on Sonya. Then when you get enough Warm Capes, I would go Boril, he is your only riposte hero. Sonya is great but you already have Caedmon.

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Ok thanks! Yeah it seems pretty all over the place, but I got them at random and worked on them then got another and realized I need them more at the time, and so on. I just got Boldtusk yesterday and read he was a good one to ascend, so I started focusing on him. Some I can’t ascend due to needed materials. So many online sources are conflicting, which is why I came here lol I needed to know where to put my focus.

yeah, it can be confusing :slight_smile: all your heroes have use, but it also depends on who else you have and what your priorities are.

good luck - and feel free to post again when you are ready to make ascension decisions. materials to ascend are fairly rare (especially at earlier stages in the game), so it’s worth thinking carefully before pulling the trigger.

by the way, for Purple… I would finish Tyrum for now (if you cannot ascend Tiburtus). then if Tyrum is maxed and you still cannot ascend Tiburtus, slowly work on Quintus. but as soon as you get enough Trap Tools, pour everything into Tiburtus.


And let’s not discount those 3s too quickly. They’re easy to level and can be useful on the events and raiders tournaments for some fast, easy, needed loot.

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