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I am kind of new and have been reading about some of the attack team strats. I don’t think I have enough ascended heros yet to pull of a 5, 4-1, or a 3,2 properly but I sued a 2-2-1 in a tournament and was kind of impressed by how well it did. What do you guys think of Grazul, Brynhilde or Caedmon + Tarlak, and either Sonya+Grimm, Or Cho + mist or lixue or wukong. The problem with the yellow team is it creates class conflicts while the blue one does not. Any advice on which way to go? Or should i just rainbow for now?

I’m happy to read that you have found an alternative way (but rainbow) of creating your team. However, it is true that yielding a 5, 4-1, 3-2 team effectively requires a deeper bench of heroes. It is not only the colour combinations that causes taking strong/neutral colours against your target(s)) to be effective, it is also about the special skills that these heroes have.

For now, I suggest you to level up one hero of each colour if posisble. By doing so, you will gradually make your bench deeper and more effective for colour stacking.

Playing in 2-2-1 formation is a low risk way of teaching yourself how to play with a colour stack. I encourage you to continue and eventually find out what suits you best. However, the colour stack is only as effective as the strength of the particular colour against your opponents. Having a green-red-blue stack isn’t as effective against a purple opponent as a green-red-yellow stack will be.

This means that you will be better off changing your teams accordingly every time you are about to enter a battle!!! There is no single attack team that is equally as effective against any opponent. This makes the game fun and interesting.

Here are some thoughts of mine:

  • If you take Tarlak, don’t take Wu;
  • I would rather take Tarlak everywhere (except red titans) than Wu;
  • Grimm being your only defense down hero, automatically gives him more value than Sonya (and you have Caedmon). I would take him to all titans;
  • I would always choose Mist before Chao or Li Xiu, but Mist and Li Xiu synchronise well concerning mana regeneration;
  • In a 2-2-1 formation I would rather have my hitters as the duo colour, so that you will be able to use them together at once more often;
  • I wouldn’t go with more healers than 2, unless it’s really challenging and you’re able to out heal the incoming damage…

Let’s say you’re fighting against a green tank with a purple and red flank. Let’s say this green tank is Aegir, the purple flank is Khiona and the red flank is Marjana.

I would take these heroes in a 2-2-1 setup:

Tarlak (tile damage and healing) - Caedmon (dispelling Aegir and Khiona their buffs) - Mist (preventing Aegir and Khiona to apply their buffs) - Li Xiu (shaving off mana while Mist causes mana to regenerate slower) - Grazul (preventing Marjana her burn DOT to apply and healing)

Another example:

Brynhild would be of more use if you’re facing an opponent that could dispel your buffs, such as Sonya, Caedmon, Seshat, Domitia, Melendor, Sabina etc.

I hope this helps you a few steps towards your goal. :+1:

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I think that early to mid game, the strongest attack strategy - and one that can cover for a lot of weaker / unleveled or 3 star heroes is to run 1 defence down hero; one healer that’s a neutral colour to the tank and three heroes that are strong be the tank.

Grimm is an ideal example of a defence down hero and Rigard / BoldTusk are ideal healers

This means you’re running 3:1:1 or 4:1 (if your defence down hero happens to be strong vs the tank colour.

For Titans, the same strategy works except replace the healer with WuKong and if you have them, a healer that is strong vs Titan colour (and if you focus on healers and Def down, it’s likely one of your three strongest heroes in a given colour will be a healer)

This is why early game i have long believed that healers and defence down heroes should be everyone’s focus (and Wu)

I began using this strategy from early on. I joined a good alliance at lvl 23 and was by far the weakest overall player on the team of mid30-low40 lvl players.

But This strategy allowed me to regularly finish top 5 on titans and mid-pack or higher in wars, consistently posting stronger results than players with deeper rosters and 10-15 lvls higher than me.

I built my first 3 star team and then focused on 4stars for the next 3 teams. 3:1:1 let me get use out of those 3 stars for a lot longer than I otherwise would have in war.

As 5stars trickled i I would only work on one if they were going to be on my defence long term until I had 5 solid war teams (team six was strictly for Easy cleanup for a looong time - a very useful roll for a new player to play in an alliance war)

Another trick was only leveling most heroes to 3/70 (or of on my defence 4/40) before moving on to the next set. Those last levels only gain you about 5-10 percent additional strength but cost a hugely disproportionate amount of resources that are better spent giving another hero 2 stripes

Good luck


wow thanks for the effort that’s a lot of information. With the 2-2-1 set up you mentioned where would you emblem lixue or tarlak? And mist or grazul. This is one of the set ups I was thinking of as well. I love brynhilde to though.

Thanks for the advice. Maybe I should look at leveling a broader more diverse group of heros instead of one super team since I’m still kind of new. 3-1-1 might be interesting for me though Caed,brynhilde,tarlak,grazul,grimm might work out and then have a few swaps for colour strategy.

If you’re in an alliance, you are way better off building a deep bench for war and Titan success. And your focus early should be 4 stars.

Only work on 5 stars after you have a 3 star rainbow team and 3 4* teams

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Further to this, the first few 5 starsyou begin levelling should be ones that will be on your war defence team and likely be there for a long time, and then be useful on war teams Or Titan teams even longer - with preference to fast heroes. Lianna would be a great choice as she can stay viable forever. Horghall might not be a great choice because he’s not well regarded as a tank now, even with costume and it terribly useful in war being slow.

You mention Tarlak - he’s not a good defensive hero later on, but he’s reasonable early-mid and he can be part of your Titan teams for a very long time, so he’d be valuable .

This game is all about patience and long term planning. Ascension materials are rare so don’t ever waste them on leveling a hero that won’t be useful in a year.

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for me li xiu and mist. tarlak and grazul or 5* need 3x emblem than 4*.

mist is awesome hero for attack and defense, and her sinergy with li xiu, you will get good mana controller

I’m always hesitant to emblem certain heroes, because it is a time and resources consuming act. Because of that it is faster and cheaper to emblem 4* heroes. You basically turn your 4* heroes into 5* heroes. Also, some 4* heroes have very unique special skills that you won’t find in the 5* range.

I chose to emblem each 4* hero of which I think I will be using for a long time still, before working on my 5* heroes. These 4* heroes were my crucial titan heroes, because I didn’t have their 5* equivalents. I only added 1 node to those 5* heroes I used everywhere. But I agree with @Halifax, focussing on 4* heroes first will basically give you everything you need alongside more depth in your bench faster.

Grimm plays a key role on your titan hits and is a huge addition to being to any fight. His defense debuff provides your team with a great benefit and his high attack stat makes him hit hard.

Brynhild & Mist are two heroes that are of great value (also thanks to their fast speed). Brynhild could potentially be a decent tank with emblems and adds a lot to your survivability in other gameplay aspects. I would definitely emblem these heroes.

Grazul is a nice hero to prevent your team from gaining status ailments. His downside is that you need to time it well, because it only lasts for 2 turns. He’s fast so you could hold on to his special skill for a while before using it. Considering you don’t have Rigard, Grazul has a specific import roll. I just wouldn’t emblem him yet, because Mist is a great 4* hero. Once you get Rigard (sooner or later), Grazul becomes less important until much later on.

I would emblem Li Xiu first before Tarlak, especially if you chose to emblem Mist also. Their synergy is just lovely. Again, 4* heroes first unless the 5* hero will “always” be part of your (defense) teams.

Both Caedmon and Sonya dispel buffs. This is an important skill to have. I would give the edge to Sonya, because of her defensive stats and class. With emblems she will take quite a few hits before she dies. But if you don’t have other druids, you can’t go wrong with Caedmon also.

yap… agree with you. sonya full emblem more tankier, if you need a blue and 4* tank.

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