Defense team advice ๐Ÿ™„

I need advice with build defense (340k alliance power)

Now i have:

  • Hathor (tank)
  • kadilen c (flank)
  • quenell (wing)
  • 2 costume Joon

I canโ€™t decide with purple defense hero

  • Hel costume (right flank)
  • Khonshu (right wing)

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Its nice to see your opinions in comments too :slight_smile: thank you

For defence AOE hitters are better than snipers, as the AI targeting algorithm, even improved recently, is still not very good.
But are you sure you want to put 2 greens in def team? Maybe replace Quenell with someone blue? Dispeller if you have one, so the attacker cannot take down your team by using heavy riposte heroes?

I dont have great blue options - c.magni, cobalt, aino, lord loki, skadi

Skadi will be good for Undead Horde and maybe Equaliser wars.
Skadi-cKadilen-Hathor-Hel-Joon seems quite good.

Lord Loki can also be nasty, but it is a lottery how AI will use him.
Cobalt also can be good, but again you have to depend on AI tu use him well.

With no blue the def team would be: Quenell-Hel-Hathor-cKadilen-cJoon? You donโ€™t want to put heroes of the same color near each other.


Looks like a pretty good team!

The only potential problem I can see is that neither Hathor nor CKad are dealing any damage (to speak of) so the center is highly annoying, but not very dangerous. The overheal is definitely a big plus, but when I use healer tanks I like to surround them with as much firepower as possible.
But if that is what your roster has got itยดs definitely not a bad defense.

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Thank you. Thatโ€™s true what u saidโ€ฆits annoying but not dangerous - my others 'โ€œfineโ€ options for Defense are c.francine, Wolfgang, c victor

Khonshu hits like a truck, but C-Hel is more difficult to face IMO.

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