Help for defense building ~4700 Teampower

Hello to all of you :smile:
Im a bit in Trouble with me Defense…
actually its:
Heimdall(+20), Vivica Costume (+20), Alfrike (+19), Baldur (+19), Skadi (+19). Power: ~4700

I like all the Walhalla Heroes, but i think there is one healer to much in that defense, and Baldur and Skadi are no big defense hitter…
now im planing to Build a new defense, without using emblems twice (not enough for 2x 20+).

My Heroes for that are: (grouped in colours)

  • Alfrike
  • Hel
  • Clarissa
  • Kunchen
  • Kageburado
  • Zulag
  • Odin
  • Sif
  • Joon
  • Vivica (Costume)
  • Leonidas
  • Inari
  • Jean Francoise
  • Marjana (Costume)
  • Azlar
  • Grazul
  • Baldur
  • Khagan
  • Lianna (Costume)
  • Gregorion
  • Atomos
  • Heimdall
  • Zocc
  • Margaret
  • Skadi
  • Magni
  • Richard (Costume)
  • Aegir
  • Miki
  • Rafaelle
  • Glenda

I think its possible to Build an impossible Defense with them, but i dont really know How… maybe you Could help me :smile:

Thanks for your comments :innocent:

Stay Healthy :sunglasses:

I think “Lianna-Ranger, Magni, Alfrike(or Kunchen), Odin, Marjana-Rogue” or “Kageburado, Jean Francis, Heimdel, Magni, Joon”. Both in V-formation.

There’s no such thing as an impossible defence, of course. But it depends what you’re after. A tough raid defence that holds your cups, or an annoying war defence that soaks up enemy flags, will call for different approaches.

I’m by no means an expert, but one glance at your current line-up shows that it is very slow and passive, unless/until Alfrike manages to go off, and even then if Skadi is dead or delayed you aren’t going to punish them quickly enough. One of those healers definitely has to go, as you say, preferably replaced by some fast damage. I won’t try to recommend a team as such (you’d blame me when it died horribly, and you might be right!) but here are some thoughts.

If you don’t need Heimdall, what green could you put in place? Lianna C or Gregorian are good, Atomos a possibility (but not on wing), Zocc not good for defence as guaranteed to pick the wrong target, Margaret low damage but good for survivability. Thoughts on Heimdall being at wing if you do keep him: he’s there presumably for the res, but ressing isn’t what he does best and he’ll hardly ever fire out there, so consider if he could fit at tank or flank.

Yellow options: You have Odin, he’s got to be worth a try. Sif is good on defence but dispellable, Inari annoying but passive, Leonidas meh without costume.

Purple: if your team is not to be based around Alfrike, you could try Kageburado on flank and move Heimdall to the centre perhaps? Or sneak Hel in, though she’s a bit squishy by today’s standards. If keeping Alfrike, she may get the most mana in the centre but she is also quite likely to die before she can fire. If you tank with Heimdall maybe she could flank. But I’ve lost horribly to Alfrikes in both positions so what do I know? :wink:

Red: Baldur has his uses, but he’s another stalling sort of hero who is very annoying for an attack but can’t keep them out forever. Marjana C could be quite nasty instead? I’m thinking neither Azlar nor Khagan would be strong enough to survive without costume, though spookily Khagan’s mana boost might have some utility in getting your slow damage dealers ready - would be interested in others’ views.

Blue: Skadi is great, of course, but Glenda is also a possibility sandwiched between two damage dealers. Otherwise if you swap out the other healers, Raffaele is decent.

So there’s some thoughts to play with.

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Thanks for your detailed answer.
My target is to stay at about 2600 trophys, or even more. It Would also be amazing, if some enemies spend some flags on my defense.

So what do you think about:

Lianna ©, Rafaelle, Alfrike, Odin, Marjana ©
Seshat(forgott her)/ Hel, Magni, Heimdall, Sif/ Jean, Marjana/Joon ?

I’m thinking the first one, as @u2371 suggested - doesn’t Odin give mana boost too? Worth a try for a couple of days, see how it goes.

Thoughts on layout 2: Seshat has been on left wing in my defence since she first came out, I love her dearly, but with more minion controllers I’m beginning to wonder whether she is still the best choice. Hel I am seeing less and less in raid defences, assuming it’s because she’s a mite outdated but still I think good (better on offence). If your attacker doesn’t have Gefjon, Grimble or Skadi you’d be best off with Seshat for survival if nothing else, but of course you won’t know. I just love those little skull minions, they do a very handy amount of damage too.

I didn’t spot Magni in your line-up - with costume he’d be a definite, without he might be a bit weak? I haven’t maxed mine, will if he gets his costume, might if he doesn’t. I still see plenty of him in low diamond but you don’t want to be in low diamond…

Jean and Joon if well emblemed, else the other two.

Seems monstrous to leave the amazing Skadi on the bench, but it’s a matter of synergy. You could also try some variations with her instead of Alfrike. I believe she’s best in attack though. If I see a Skadi defence I just don’t bring minion makers.

Edit: I haven’t given much thought to classes here. You said you’ve only got enough for 1 of each at +20. This means you wouldn’t be able to switch, for example, the team with Raffaele for the team with Joon without the hideous cost of re-talenting. So um… good luck :confused:

I actually try to create best raid defense from heros you give base on Titanmafia’s true position.

“Kageburado, Jean Francis, Heimdel, Magni, Joon” is best for defense from heros you give and don’t use same emblem twice.

There is no much detail.
Kageburado → dispell + sniper
Jean Francis → burn + anti lower defense
Heimdel → tank
Magni → sniper + increase defense
Joon → sniper

I think Jean Francis + Magni at flank is good synergy. And there is no other choice.
Skadi and Rafaelle are monk (similar class to Joon).
Richard and Aegir are paladin (similar class to Heimdel).
Miki is barbarian (similar class to Kageburado).
Glenda is wizard (similar class to Jean Francis).

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