Defense (raid / war) help - Need adjustements

Hello there,

I’m having troubles to find the best defense line-up for raid and war. My roaster is not bad, but I’m lacking of good green heroes.

What will you do with my roaster (attached on this post) for :

  • defense raid : can change raid formation
  • war defense : we are using blue tank

My current defenses are :

  • defense raid : (reverse) Sartana - Marjana - Prof Lindenbrock - Magni - Drake Fong
  • war defense : Marjana - Prof Lidenbrock - Richard - Sartana - Drake Fong

Notes :

  • I have mana troops for each color (between 21-22)
  • I can power level most of these heroes and have a good stock of emblems
  • I’m not using Telly anymore since heal bonus overrides Prof Lindenbrock’s one. Maybe positionning Telly on the left side of Prof Lindenbrock can avoid most of the override, but it’s seems for me not to be the right setup

After some help on Facebook, I’m planning these actions :

  • Reset Telluria emblems. Give them to QoT (and maybe a bit for Richard)
  • Replace Marjana with QoT on defense / war : will be used @flank (L or R)
  • Planned defense (reverse) : Sartana - QoT - Prof L - Magni (or Richard) - Drake F / Lianna
  • Planned War : Sartana - Prof L - Richard - QoT - Drake F / Lianna

As you can see, remaining problems are :

  • yellow : torn between Drake F and Prof L, two excellents heroes. Keeping both exposes me to purple attacker ! What’s the best option ?
  • green : Telly seems to be out. But Lianna is just good, not a game changer. Is she worth the emblems to be on defense ?
  • difficulties to have a good rainbow set up

Thanks for your help :wink:

That’s a bit complex and I think you have to take some final decisions by making some compromises and maybe also a bit of trial and error.

Just some suggestions:

  • I would not put classic Sartana as a tank for reverse
  • I would not take Telluria’s emblems yet. Your alliance might shift to a green tank or whatever and together with Heimdall I think she’s one of the best green tanks still. Also QoH from my point of view is more of an offensive hero than defensive
  • I would actually use on defense both Drake and Lianna. They might be more useful than the professor who can be easily dispelled . It’s ok not to have a healer on defense. Most top defenses don’t have one

Probably I gave you more to think about than just clear solutions, but hey, there is no easy solutin :smiley:

I still would take them off. True that if they go to green tanks she’s the best OP has got but outside of tanking she’s not great to be taking up so those emblems when they are running blue tanks in war. I would give them to QoH and Richard

Liana, QoH, Richard, Drake, Sartana IMO. QoH and prof flanks are too passive for my liking

And yes Liana is good, great sniper even better if you get costume. Hits harder than Sartana

Rationale for QoH is that with blue tank you want a red flank, and she’s the best OP has. Marj can do a job but she’s better on the wing

Thanks for your answers !

I ascended QoH to replace Marjana. This change seems to make no debat :slight_smile:
For Lianna, I will give her emblems. I do not have other excellent ranger for now. So it seems to be a good option !

Question is now for Telluria. We use blue tank for war, and do not plan to change. My alliance is not really competitive and we use to have about ~120.000 pts.
Choice for defense is between Telluria and Lianna :

  • Lianna : give me opportunity to add paladin emblems to QoH and Richard. Add firepower, but no healer !
  • Telluria : give me more survivability but less firepower. Moreover, I need to wait to put emblems on QoH and Richard

For raid purposes, no healer could be a solution.
But for war purposes, isn’t it a bit squishy to have no healer ?

What about replacing Sartana by another Purple hero ? She is a bit squishy too. But against Marie-T (too slow), Malicna not reliable and Obakan / Domitia not ascended and not really perfomant. Outch !

Tough about this ?

Sartana should be on the wing, and on the wing it’s not as important to have good Def stats. For Def, she’s the best you have IMO

No healer is fine IMO, we hardly use any and I’m in a top 100-200 alliance.

Also Telly only heals about 274 I think plus small minions? It’s not going to make much difference in most cases, whereas a good hit will. Telly is also best as a tank not a flank IMO.

Prof is a better healer than Telly anyway so if you find you need more survivability, you can switch her in for Drake but for me that seems too passive.

My opinion:

Lianna, QoH, Richard, Drake, Sartana 1st choice
Lianna, Marj, Richard, prof, Sartana 2nd
Lianna, malicna, Richard, QoH, Drake 3rd

On my 1st choice, Richard is a decent tank, QoH has taunt so is increasing survivability of others, Drake gives blind so also increases survivability and all are giving damage too. 2 snipers on the wing to pick them off

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If you have all the mats, after the latest buff, Thorne is a slightly better tank than Richard. Alsobif you have the materials Khagan could be an option because of his mana boost.

Liddenbrock-Khagan-Thorne (Richard)-QoH, Lianna or Sartana.

With Khagans mana boost the tank and Liddenbrock should fire in 8 (tank) or 10 (Liddenbrock) tile adequates. QoH should help the tank and Khagan to live long enough to survive and fire.

Happy gaming

Thanks !

So, I gave Lianna all needed emblems to make her +20. Will join my titan team and probably my defense team.

I have ascended QoH and working on her. As soon as she is 4/80, I will probably reset Tellys emblems, unless you all say that it’s a mistake :innocent:

For the choice between Richard and Thorne, I don’t think Thorne is better than Richard. Thorne hits harder, have a little more HP but less defense (more important than HP for a good tank). Morever, Thorne don’t reduce attack, which can help mitigate damages if not cleaned. I keep believing Richard is slightly better than Thorne : correct me is not :slight_smile:

@Gimliv : this kind of team seems to be very good in fast tournament (with Lianna to be more efficient against blue team). But in other tournament, the center team is really slow : will they have time to fire ? If a face this kind of team, I play full blue and give no chance to the center defense to fire. What do you think about that ?

I tried reverse defense with Marj, Drake, Magni, Lianna, Sartana. Result is a drop of 180 cups (~2400) this morning.
Waiting for QoH, I’m now running Telly, Drake, Magni, Marj, Sartana this morning.

Do you confirm me that Sartana is the best choice for my defense ? Or is there a more relevant choice ?

Current planned defenses :

  • Raid (reverse) : { Richard, QoH, Sartana, Lianna, Drake }. Will also try { Prof L, QoH, Sartana, Lianna, Richard } and { Prof L, Marj, Sartana, Lianna, Richard }
  • Defense war : { Lianna, QoH, Richard, Drake, Sartana }. Will also try { Lianna, Prof L, Richard, QoH, Sartana }

If you will use QoH and Richard more than Telluria, than it’s no mistake to change the emblems to them. Just hope you will not get to the point when you need to emblem her again :slight_smile:

For reverse defense, I would also try to use Richard and QoH in the extremities (the two tanks), but would probably be better to do that when she is maxed and emblemed.

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