Defense Makeover Request

My raid defense has been abysmal the past month. I could use a fresh perspective on my options for RAID and WAR (red or yellow tank) defense.

These are my leveled 5-star heroes and leveled 4-star healers. I included Alby because I have the tonics and 300+ druid emblems.

Others on the bench at 3/70: Domitia, The Hatter, Ares, Black Knight, and Atomos. Not likely to have mats to bring anyone up soon. Closest is Black Knight (need two more sets of rings).

Any ideas?

This one looks pretty good to me, for both regular raids and wars:
Lianna | Frida | Gravemaker | Ursena | Poseidon

For wars, put Alberich on left wing instead of Lianna when he’s maxed.

edit: I think Black Knight is a pretty awesome hero to bring up. Aside from being a great defense tank, I think he’s one of the best attack buffers and team protectors currently available.

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