Defense Help and Ideas: Li Xiu or Joon? or other?

Hi all, I recently maxed Gregorion, so thought about shifting to a rainbow defense. However, after testing, my new defense with Greg is doing just about as well as my old defense without any Greens.

I’ll continue to test of course, but also wanted to get some ideas - maybe someone can think of something I had not even considered.

The question is: based on my roster as of now, what great defense ideas should I try?

  1. Option 1: current defense (Seshat / Gregorion / Aegir / Marjana / costumed Joon)
  2. Option 2: current defense but drop Joon for Li Xiu


But if I stick with rainbow, I think Joon will do better than Li Xiu in wing. Yeah, Li has about +100 defense but Joon’s higher health balances it out (797/696/1465 costumed Joon vs. 691/790/1243 non-costumed Li; plus being in the Wing helps protect Joon more for flank, Li is superior - I’ve tested). Although, my Li does become fast-er mana considering the costume bonus and the Lvl 12 mana troop… and I already have 3 single-hitters (Sesh, Marj, Greg) so Li would add something different.

  1. Option 3: revert to old defense (Seshat / Li Xiu / Aegir / Marjana / Lepus)


I wouldn’t consider Joon here, he’s not sturdy enough to be flanking. Lepus over Greg in wing due to fast mana speed, and the Blue/Red/Blue placement punishes attackers who stack Green.

Other possibilities (only considering fully maxed 4s and 5s) - the top contenders are support/passive heroes.

  1. Purple: Aeron and Rigard +14 (no costume), but I have a hard time fitting them in - I think Seshat performs better on defense with her minions. Besides Tiburtus, all my other Purples are passive/support (Proteus, Cyprian, Sabina)

  2. Yellow: Inari, but I’ve tested and my defense performed better when Li Xiu was my Yellow of choice. I also feel she’s better on offense as her special requires good thought and timing. It’s really down to Li vs Joon (only others are Wu Kong, Hu Tao and Chao +3)

  3. Green: Margaret, but my defense did poorly when I tested with her. Jack O’Hare in wing held more cups than Margaret in flank! I also have Melendor +9 (also with costume) but I dislike having too many support heroes in my defense. Caedmon is inferior to Greg, and the others are too slow (Little John, Skittles and Gadeirus).

  4. Red: Boldtusk +15 (also have costume), but I like Marj’s sturdiness and offensive bit more. I don’t think Gormek would add much, while Scarlett is inferior to Marj. Lancelot, Colen are too squishy and Kelile is inferior to Marj.

  5. Blue: None of my 4*s are better than Lepus, IMO. I have Kiril, Triton, Grimm, Sonya (also with costume), Valeria.

That’s all I have for fully ascended 5s and highly promising 4s. I have at least one of each classic S1 4* maxed (and all 4* costumes released so far EXCEPT Rigard’s), plus Triton, Valeria, Lancelot, 2x Proteus, Gadeirus. All maxed. Except Kashhrek and Boril, whom I got after the point when they would have been useful. Agwe and Gobbler are also hanging out, un-maxed.

As for 5*s, I’m saving my ascension mats to see who I get in Valhalla and the coming Atlantis Risings. I can max a Purple and a Blue now, but only candidates are Isarnia, Richard, Sartana and Domitia. Solid, but none of them will significantly improve my defense. Also have Rana, Leonidas and Kadilen, but I don’t feel the urgent need to max any of them.

thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hiya :slight_smile:

I’ll try to advise as best I can from my perspective. Would help to see a proper roster shot go know what there is to work with.

So based on what I can see:

  1. You have a tank in Aegir, but he’s really passive which (imo) is the worst kind of tank… Added that he’s a slow passive & he’s quite easy to deal with once people get the hang of him… unfortunately I can’t see a lot of other better options.

  2. Seshat & Joon should sit next to each other… Yellow & purple offer an innate immunity to stacking against them, as they protect the other due to the strong/weak dynamic between yellow and purple.

  3. Rogues & fighters are best suited to wings where their talent becomes annoying for people to pick-off using snipers & special skills.

With that said I will suggest:
Joon (costume) | Seshat | Aegir | Gregorion | Marjana

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Thanks Guvnor, appreciate your advise - including the key principles :slight_smile:

here’s a full roster shot - all maxed 4s and 5s, leaving out dupes. all classic 4*s have costumes except Rigard

but yeah i think your suggestion is the best combination out of these already

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