2nd Joon vs Leo

Hi everyone,

Looking for advice on Leo who just came out of my tc20. I was set on ascending a 2nd Joon until this happened so now wanted to hear if it’s worth doing Leo instead.

I have 1 Joon and Vivica already max but now have the 3rd set of darts and need a 4th yellow to replace Li on titans (I run wu isarnia joon Viv li currently). I also need a 3rd yellow for raiding as I like 3 2 stacks and have to run joon viv wu currently but not a fan of wu in diamond league.

Why would I choose Leo?

(If it helps I have another Viv and 2x justice sitting 1/1 but they don’t seem worth it and I’m f2p so don’t expect to pull a ‘fancy’ hero)


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For Titans, I’d go with Leo. A 40% mana decrease and a 731 attack stat will fit well into your existing team and replace Li Xiu excellently. While Joon has a slightly higher 749 attack stat, a second Joon won’t really buy you much benefit on Titans other than tile damage, unless you always make a point of holding his special until the Blindness from the first Joon wears off.

For Raids, either would be useful, and both have benefits.

So I’d go with Leo for being better for your Titan team, and useful for Raids too.

And as a last forward-looking thought: variety of Season 1 heroes is good in case Skins turn out to be hard to get/use multiple of for the same hero, akin to Emblems for Classes.


This is perfect, thanks for taking the time to reply in depth. I’ll happily lvl Leo now :slight_smile:


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