Will this defence team be good?

Hello, I still have some lvling to do here, but I was thinking about this setup.

Will this setup do ok when maxed? Or should I use different heroes.

So will the initial setup be good in the future when I max those heroes or should I use different heroes for my defence team??

Bumping up this topic…


Check the top leaderboards every now and then. Notice which of those players seemed to hang longest there at the top while offline. If you find one, try to replicate maxing the heroes they have. Be reminded that those heroes are probably fully emblemed and supported by maxed troops. And maybe at the time you are able to do so maxing and fully embleming those heroes and maxing your troops, the meta may have already shifted and Bera/Freya tanks are much much much easier to defeat.

Seeing some of your heroes lowly emblemed, I think you are still far from fully embleming your prized heroes, and you may be strapped of ascension mats, among others.

Good luck.

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Yeah, that makes sense. Thanks for your reply. I check leaderboards from time to time

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