Defence team core

So this is the defence I usually use:

It keeps me in low diamond most of the time between 24 to 2550 cups overnight depending how high I have gone the night before.

I am wondering though if my middle 3 are in the right order.

Their stats with emblems are below. Also once I complete legendary in pirates tonight I can move Richard to plus 19.

Would you change or leave as is?

Hey Kilt! I might be tempted to do Anz-Richard-LOTL-Posiedon-Seshat. Let’s see if any other members chime in. When LOTL fires, good chance you’ll win. If they stack red, richard stays alive longer and your yellow and purple get more snipes in.


Richard is pretty much only good as a tank, I wouldn’t place him in a flank position. Do you have any other blue heroes? Also, you should max his costume (it doesn’t require any 4* mats and you’ll get the bonuses).

I’d probably run Seshat-LotL-Richard-Anzogh-Poseidon.

Seshat should be on the left so that she can dispel any defence buffs before others fire.
And it would be better if LotL fires before Anzogh. In case the attacker has counterattack on, LotL could heal Anzogh before he fires (maximising his HP) and prevent him from dying.

P.S. It’s not really worth taking 5* heroes to +19/+20, a lot of emblems are required for a very small return. You’d be better off giving emblems to other heroes.


The big question is why haven’t you maxed Richards costume yet??? It will greatly help him out and is relatively quick and cheap to do.

Disagree here. Depends on the class, but lots make it worth it to go to +19 or +20. Paladin on a defense (and as tank)?? Definitely worth it to take them to +20.

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My blues are pretty weak. I have Isarnia or Fenrir at 3/70 the rest are 4 stars.

My main concern is whether LotL being slow in the flank might not be firing till late on, but she is squishier so doesn’t stand upas well as Richard. Without seeing defence in action it’s hard to say though. Once inter alliance attacks come in might get a better idea.

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Yeah, his costume is on the list. Its next blue up once I finish Jott. I had been working on other blues for depth in the meantime as he was at least usable in the meantime whilst others get levelled.

If the game would give me a 4* troop he would’ve have leapfrogged to the front of the Q already. As it is blue, yellow and green costumes go to him, red costumes to boldtusk and purple to rigard.

The last two nodes of the paladin class are mana/crit and defence. This means that for 375 emblems you only get +2% mana/crit and +32 defence points.

With the costume bonus, Richard will need level 11 mana troops (without the bonus from node 19) to be charged up with 9 tiles. So the mana bonus from node 19 is not that useful for him. The other option, 2% crit, doesn’t make a big difference either.

Basically, the question is: “Are 32 defence points worth 375 emblems?”

So it depends on what your priorities are. I would leave him at +18 since the emblems are enough to take another 5* hero to +6.

I personally would try anzogh. He is clearly underestimated as tank. Because:

He heals quite well as tank because normally all attackers are left alive. Then he stands with mostly full life and defense against blue.

A typical 3blue and 2 red attacker would definitely run into a problem at this point, because his blue tiles are tremendously weakened and it gets hard to kill anzogh before he fires again. (Normally 2 times anzogh means the fight is over).

Yes LOTL has potential too, but has quite slow mana. She should be replaced somehow with another green 5 star.

Anzogh!! Anzogh!! :wink:


Mana increase on defense always makes a difference. On offense you are correct. I’m one for making my defense heroes the strongest they can be for wars. YMMV.

Plus, emblems are like candy on Halloween these days.

Thanks for the opinions. I’m gonna try out them over the next few weeks and see how it goes.

Overall i do not think you need much change. Just need to boost the nodes and work on troops to get to at least 23 for mana.

Seshat (stays here for her cleans) LotL (goes here so seshat minions might protect LotL minions and allow for more mana dropping) Richard (get costume done) Anzogh and Poseidon

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