Darts question

Again I thank you guys in advance. This one really has me torn. I had a lucky month and as such I have Aouda and Devana and I just got my sixth dart when I finished Atlantis Hard Mode. So who gets it. There are strong arguments for both. I am thinking maybe the better question is it who is more useful at 3/70. Without the darts. I currently thinking Aouda gets the darts but given it will be months before I have 6 more I don’t want to make the wrong choice.

Mod - changed ring to darts for you.

It’s Darts that Devana and Aouda will need, but maybe you just typed the wrong one.

I think Aouda is the more useful hero as snipers will always have a place, no matter who you’re up against. Devana is ok, but only shines vs minion teams.

Thank you. Yes. I meant darts.

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It depends on what other minion killers you have. I think I’d go Aouda in most instances though.

Now a days there are most people have healers who boost health of the whole team so for current meta auda can be so brutal…she works very well… Best edition to holy mono team

I don’t think you can make a “wrong” choice with these two. It’s only a question of which is more useful to you at this moment in time. I agree, however, that you’d probably get at least some use out of Devana at 3.70 while snipers are rarely at their best below max.

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