Aouda, Devana or Uraeus

Help me decide? These are my maxed yellows (I play mono)

I also have Maxed Ranvir, Mist+20 and Gullinbursti that see action occasionally.

  • Devana
  • Uraeus
  • Aouda
  • Leonidas
  • Justice
  • 2nd joon/Malosi/viv

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Aouda since your Troop won’t reach lvl 23 or even 17 to cut the tiles to 9 for Devana. You can change Neith to Aouda if you go Mono.


I would go with Aouda. She is fast, does a great deal of damage and her stats are above both Uraeus and Devana.

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It depends, I think, on whether you’re struggling against minion makers. It’s not just a question of who’s best in a vacuum, but what gap in your roster they’ll fill. And then the all-important question of what will make you happy! If you’re asking the question because you just can’t make your mind up then go with the poll (which will almost certainly be Aouda), but if you have a strong emotional attachment to one that gets fewer votes, well, it’s your roster and your darts will be well spent on any of these three.


I would choose aouda as well. Her niche is new and can check any garnets out there

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I second @Gorann’s opinion. I only see Aouda as a sniper. Pure and simple. Nothing more to offer but the raw damage it can inflict on a single target. Both Uraues and Devana may not deal as much damage to a single enemy target like Aouda does, but they have other useful skills. That, and the emblem availability, should be part of your consideration. Mana speed may be remedied either by leveling the troops and/or embleming the hero. My Uraeus+20 fires in 9 tiles with the support of a level 11 mana troop. I don’t have Devana, but I have Athena, who is also an average mana generating ranger, and I put +8 (opted the mana bonus node at +8) talent on her, and she charges her skills in 9 tiles supported with a level 17 mana troop.


Thanks everyone for the replies, what you say is basically why I created the thread. First I was divided between Devana and Uraeus as to who would help me most against those pesky purple minionators. Was leaning towards devana cause of the mana link but then I pulled Aouda and things got more complicated.

now it’s basically do I want a counter to Bera/Freya or a counter to Garnet/Heimdall/prof. Lidenbrock. I see plenty of both options so thought the poll would help but it’s split straight down the middle lol.


I would go Devana for dispell + minion removal

She can be used in a lot of different situations specially against Bera and Freya who are dark.

Aouda is privileged with monster stats but she’s a sniper. In some months they will release another OP sniper with 1000 raw ATK and DEF points that does 700% damage to motivate pulls.

So… Well. Uraeus is also good but devana still delivers more IMO.


I had exactly the same choice and went with Aouda. She delivers huge blows (highest I saw was about 1300) and I have her at 4/65, right now. Will be way higher once maxed and with talents. She might be able to one-hit on defense.
Anyway, you can’t make a wrong decision here. Both are fantastic.


Ok so was still undecided and I just pulled Mica, pretty happy about my options but now even more confused.

Does Mica Trump everyone else?

No. Still devana or aouda

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No lol. If you want to win more raids, get Devana on the field. Then Auoda can come later, but if you need a sniper right meow, then stick those poison darts into Auoda.


I don’t see other options. Devana is still the choice.

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