Limit Break AOUDA or DEVANA?

I cant decide, pls help me. I tend to Devana, because her minion profits from it, Aouda though would have very high stats. What do you think?

  • Devana
  • Aouda

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Which one do you use more :)?


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Where is the option none of them?

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There is no such option. Many players have limited rosters, with top heroes not being available. The question is simple, Aouda or Devana. Both good heroes, both worth breaking. I also have to choose between Devana, Uraeus, Malosi and Joon, all +20, so, none of them is not an option. I’d go with Devana, if I only had Aouda as an alternative, dispel, decent hit, especially on double formations and a state of the art minion. Since I maxed her and paired her with Uraeus and Malosi, Bera/Freia/Telluria/Krampus/MN/Santa and other minion sumonners are my targets of choice. LotL is still a problem, as her minions might hit Uraeus and Devana before they works their magic, which might turn out bad…


Im f2p so these 2 are by far my best yellow choices. Why do you think they are both not worth it?

I havent maxed Aouda yet. I use Devana very often.

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They already have good base stats for the current meta.

If you are f2p it would be better to first focus on key 4* healers. I don’t know if you have D’andre or Lady Woolerton but if so I would recommend to focus on them first and give you more time to see if other yellow 5* candidates shows of.

Tough spot. I like and have Devana too but I can see Aouda being all around more useful in different situations than Devana. Devana’s strength comes from her Anti-Minion special where as Aouda is just an all around great sniper. With all the heroes out there that boost health beyond max, that extra 500 damage against them is just too good to pass up IMO especially at fast speed. Plus, you already have Devana at max Talent if I’m reading your post right and that should be enough for her.

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Ahhh, i was just about to break Devana but you made some good points. I think I will wait until I have Aouda lvled. The thing is that I already have Grimble and Gefjon against minion teams (im somehow lucky to get all these minions destroyers lol), so Devana might be a bit too much.
I really dont know its a hard decision. Aouda might stay useful for longer and who knows if the meta switches more to “additional health” heroes.

I just found out that Devana is a big LotL counter, because minions cant hit her. So she wont lose any mana and her minions kill the swords. :smiley: It was very satisfying to take down LotL very easily!

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Love my LB Devana

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Devana is immune to LotL minions mana cut, so she is albo quite good counter to her.

Depending of the rest of your roster…

Yeah, that is so, stil, LotL usualy spawns 5 minions nowadays, being found most times in the middle of the back line of a double formation. Devana’s minion will have a hard time against 5 targets and mana cuts are the worst possible thing for a tile depending attack team. Even with Devana and Uraeus on the team, LotL stil makes a formidable opponent, as Devana is only #2 of the couple. The main threath against minion owners is the insane sand damage Uraeus inflicts upon them. LotL’s minions are a gamble I’d rather avoid if possible.

In the said formation, Dev will hit all the 5 heros as well. As she is immune to mana cut she can fire without being controlled by LOTL.


I have LotL in middle position of double formation and alot of teams that attack my defense do have Devana but I’ve noticed that they have no better or worse win/loss rate as ones that don’t. Probably because I also have Krampy and Alfike in the two front positions, both of which are great nullifiers to her special as it is far more dangerous than her innate resistance to minion effects.

That being said, she is a great hero to have since it is better raiding minion heavy teams with her than without her.

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