Dark ascension advice


Which hero would you ascend first?

My other maxed 5*: Jabb and Hell

Thanks in advance

Dadgum you got some good ones! Tough call, but without analyzing first, I’d pick Onyx. Panther’s second, followed by Alfrike, then Freya, then Clarissa (though they’re all good). But of course it depends on who you have, what job you need done, etc., etc.

All good. If you already have a good amount of solid purples, I’d do Panther. If not I’d do Onyx them Alfrike. What a deadly group you have!!

I depends on what you need. i guess you would have the most benefit if you max Panther first.

  1. Color debuff plus Hels damage on three is just devastating.

  2. A huge advantage fighting yellow titans (Alliance benefit).

  3. Dispells 3 on the opposite team (priceless).

  4. (thats a con) Panther needs a couple emblems to increase the survivability.

Was chatting to Rigs and he reckoned Alfrike was the way to go.

But ignore him.

Guardian Panther is the right answer. Every second of every hour of every day.


I can confirm what Cheds wrote. Alfrike like Rigs recomended.

I have both maxed (panther+1& alfi+10 ongoing). Alfi gets far more use in raids and wars, if you manage to release her special you have won. Panther is essential for titans but might do the job at 3-70.
i vote for alfi.

While I agree that Onyx and Alfrike to be maxed, I would go for Panther first. She is the main reason, along with Jackal and Falcon, why Teltoc summoning is popular. And soon, she will be the only elemental defense debuffer without an alternate (Frida, King Arthur and Nordri for ice; Evelyn and Almur for nature; Jackal and soon-to-be-released costume Leonidas for holy; and Falcon and soon-to-be-released costume Marjana for fire). She needs to be emblemed to activate her talent and to even survive better. Not only she is valued for her elemental defense debuff, she also dispels, damages target and nearby and with high attack stat. If not maxed, she is too squishy and does not have the revive talent. She is already fast and has good synergy with your already existing maxed purple legendaries.

Absolutely Panther. You’ve got great heroes. To be able to ascend them you need better Titan scores. For better Titan scores (against yellow) you need Panther.

I don’t have mine emblemed, if I do it’s not enough to matter, she still does just fine up to 13* (highest I’ve faced).

According to most of your feedback, seems very important to emblem her, but in my current situation won’t be easy because I’ve emblemed (+15) C. Magni and I was planning to strip from him and give the emblems to Poseidon (which defensively I believe is a better holy that my current White Rabbit).
So do you advise to not max Poseidon, leave White Rabbit on defense and max (plus emblems) Panther?

Tough call…

That is entirely true. sigh

If you haven’t noticed, Panther is a glass cannon. She has high attack stat but very low defense stat. Same with Magni, she needs to be emblemed not only to make her tougher and be able to better handle hits headed her way, but for her to activate her Revive talent. At least for Magni, his skills include buffing his defense including those near to him. That skill is absent in Panther. Revive is one of the most annoying talent when used on heroes defending.

I do agree that Fighter emblems are used to many suitable heroes, i.e. Delilah, Magni, Poseidon, and a bunch of other heroes. I have my 2 BTs having emblems to at least +15. My Poseidon is without emblems while my Panther is only +7. I still have 1,001 fighter emblems though.

EDIT: Oh, Poseidon is a good hero to be maxed. He nullifies Lady Woolerton’s self ailment of not getting mana in 2 turns. He hits hard and is sturdier than regular Joon. I didn’t regret maxing him.

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Embleming is cheaper now, so you could divvy them up a bit. My Panther is +3 and that puts her at 801-648-1349. A decent crit troop gets her defense around the 700 mark. You can buff her defense with items against titans too. Just as you can debuff enemy offense. SO, where she shines, you can do well with minimal emblems. I’d never put her on D.

Elemental debuff just has a huge payoff.

Otherwise, I’d go Alfrike. She’s a monster.

Any advice on the best path to follow for Panther?

Thank you very much all of you for the valuable tips!

I think your options are to go to +6, +9, or +11 and stop. If you go left, right, left to +10 you can then decide if you want more attack or more defense on +11. Probably defense because you want her alive so you can get your elemental debuff. So, take the Def/HP path.

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