Ascend Tiburtus or Guardian Panther?

I have both Tiburtus (3rd tier) and Guardian Panther (2nd tier) waiting for ascension. I’m only missing a pair of fine gloves to ascend one of the two (I never get gloves, argh!). I most care about improving my titan scores. I don’t have any other defense debuffers, so I use Tiburtus on all color titans (Panther on all colors as well, except purple titans). Currently, Panther tends to get attacked/killed first, since she has the weakest defense of all my heroes. Which of the two heroes should I ascend first?

Also, If I pick Tiburtus, I’ll be a little better in the intermediate challenge event (I only have one 5* hero, so I don’t play the advanced challenge). Last time I ranked around 2000th without much effort to repeat levels, so I’m not sure if I should even consider the challenge events for the decision.

Tibby then Panther.

Tibby is more general purpose and therefore frankly better at 70; odds are you will have plenty of fine gloves and trap tools by the time you get six tabards for Panther to 80.


I couldn’t agree more. Tibertus for sure. He will help all heroes do more damage, while Panther will help only purple heroes. Panther would be great against holy titans if you have a good roster to pick 2 other purple 70-80 heroes which I doubt OP has.

Generally 4* heroes are stronger than 5* heroes at level 70. 5* shine when you get them to 80 which will take a lot of very rare epic ascension materials.


Thanks for your input! I was tending towards ascending Panther, but you changed my opinion :slight_smile:

I will second Reve on Tib first. My first big assend was a 4* over a 5*. By the time I had my 4* at 4^70 I had the stuff to upgrade my 5*. Turned out to be exactly the right choice.

I feel in general it is best to assend 2-3 4s fully before worrying about getting 5 to 3^. After that move on to the 5s. Your maxed 4s are almost always useful, even after you have a bunch of maxed 5s.

This is a general rule, but specific heroes will definitely make exceptions


Get Tiburtus to Max ascension. You don’t need 5* heroes for the advanced challenge. It is supposed to be harder this next time around though.