Danzaburo - is he worth it?

@GrootBeard If the snowflake was removed, he would easily be a 5 star. If you pair him with heroes like Gato, Grazul, or Poseidon, he can be protected from the snowflake. Just requires a bit of timing is all.

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Yeah, but the effect of the snowflake isn’t really the part that hurts. It’s building up all the mana and then getting no reward out of it. Especially in raids, there are only a certain number of times you can reasonably expect to fill the mana bar before the hero dies. The wasted opportunity hurts worse than the mana freeze.

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@Noble_Weasel Very true. At that rate, I normally just anticipate him being a sponge for enemy slash attacks in all honesty. If he freezes once or twice I am okay with it. More than that I am just like wth?! Just another day of rng giving me the finger eh?

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Put him in your def and you’ll never know, how often he froze.

On attack he’s an addition only to increase tile damage and sometimes helpful. Dont take him in your team, if you need a certain special of him.

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Haha my reaction too.

It is a tanuki - I’m sure there must be girl tanukis cause how could there otherwise be any tanukis; but I’m also sure that if this particular specimen was a girl, SG would have put a push-up bra on it. Also, the loin cloth is said to cover up what for the classic tanuki would be a very prominent and not PG part of the male anatomy.

Getting back on topic; I have a maxed Danza and do love him dearly, but only time he comes out other than certain 4* tourneys is if I feel lucky going second string yellow mono on a war cleanup. He’s just not trustworthy.


Is he worth it? For sure he is.


I deploy Danza mostly to support other 5* heroes so survivability is most important and I go for defense in emblems.


He can deal devastating damage and disable enemies or he can heavily buff your team (excellent counter for Wilbur) or he can laugh at your face.

Dodge is great for a tank. Several times being almost done he dodged and skill and fired swords being able to beat 1 vs 3 weakened enemies.

The problem is when you need one specific skill your chances are 33%


Just took the Double Danzas out to play in this 4* Rush Attack Raid Tournament. Fun. Support from Double Proteus and Sabina.

No double snowflakes in four fights. The double swords wiped out the enemy in a battle that was going poorly for me (no purple tiles so no healing and no mana control).


@Sternman Now I am regretting feeding away my second Danza that had on my main… facepalm

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On offense? I wouldn’t. But my luck may be bad.
On defense? Maybe.

He’s an annoying little critter at times. And it really stings to lose to him.

No worries, I bragged above and got double snowflakes today (to teach humility?) and was destroyed… swings and roundabouts. Was fun though…


Regardless if you like or dislike the little fella,dont underestimate him once onto the talent grid.
Thumbs up from me

Since I’ve maxed my Danza I’ve only brought him out for 2 war attacks. He’s fired his special five times and, I kid you not, all five times he’s gotten the freeze. I know it’s random, and I know it will get better, but let’s just say I haven’t seen the value yet.

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I have finally leveled him, it was this post that convinced me to do it. Is he worth Embleming considering I have Scarlett as well?

Probably not.

Ultimately tho, emblem who you use more.

As of this morning Danza #3 is officially complete! :grin: :laughing: can’t wait for next 4* rush tournament. And with purple excluded? omg yes

Everybody has their passion project haha :man_shrugging:


Haha nice! Got one maxed one 3:60
My 3/60 one is usally used on a low war team clean up but somehow does better than the max well the last two wars did! :+1:

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That is a passion project indeed. Thought two was possibly overkill but they work well together and are a good finale to alliance war. Three! Well now…

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Wow! A fan club of Danzaburo! :slight_smile:

I use one Danzaburo in wars from time to time, but three… Looks too much to me.


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