Is Danzaburo worth it?

Hello everyone! I was wondering what are your thoughts regarding Denzaburo & is he worth it to upgrade?

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Stack him with some other yellows and he can help. He’s not a difference maker but a good complimentary hero.

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It is fun but apart for that not, for me is not worth time and resource.


He can be a difference maker, but it’s a gamble. Just like Rumple, his abilities are great, but without control of what one you get it’s hard to strategize with him.
He’s a defensive hero too so I think the majority won’t appreciate him (the masses want fast damage dealers in this meta). 40% blind is very strong, just like the +42% defense. ** ( he’s stronger than this)

But to have a 1/3 chance to do nothing… Is that worth the strong defensive support he brings? In some situations, yes. He could give you the edge in an underdog scenario, like Wukong. I can see him being useful in a War bench to support. Just don’t expect him to be consistent.
I plan to level him up to have more War bench options (~37th hero) and for fun.


I’ve got 0 time for any hero I can’t rely on… He’s got decent specials at best but there fact that he’s another wildcard hero just turned him into dinner for a worthier hero. I fed mine and didn’t look back…


I kept him, but he’s on the back burner for leveling. Personally not a fan of the 1/3 chance randomness he’s got. Crazy drunk bear cat that he is.


I’m sitting on 40 orbs so I went ahead and maxed him out and use him to farm just cause he is different …not a difference maker but fun to use. I don’t regret making him out

If u have mats available, i have 20 orbs so i would use it
Eventually u will have more than enough mats for your 4* heroes

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He is next on my leveling list. Remember his maxed abilities at average speed:

–240% damage (with 622 attack power) and -54% accuracy for all heroes for three turns

Who does this? Drake Fong has more attack for three heroes but overall Danzaburo does more damage if there are 4-5 heroes, plus the blind effect is stronger and wider than Drake’s. This effect would be overpowered for a 5* but since it is tucked away in a random hero it is a great carrot to use him

– +63% defense and +24% mana gen

A general defense buff this strong is only seen in the slow Vivica or more limited in Magni. The mana gen is nice as well. This effect is quite strong for a 4*

–Freeze x 2 turns

This sucks but at least it doesn’t harm anyone

He goes straight to an underpowered AW team where one can hope for a good roll :slight_smile: I used him in beta and I had one raid where his positive special would have won things for me. Instead he froze and I died but it was still fun.


I am with @Wormwood and @Elpis here:
I am not spending materials, feeders and food on a hero that is completely unreliable and can cost me the win, in the worst case.

I tried him out … unleveled … in a low farming mission. He CAN do good damage. But most of the time he just freezes up.

Nope, not worth the mats for me.
Remember that this sluggard takes up one of only 5 spaces in your team.

And for war, I have much more reliable heroes, thankfully.

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Anja first you retire, then you kill us in raids, and now you are worried about picking your heroes to ascend :smile:

The one thing I didn’t test was the percentage he does each of the three things. If it is 1/3 for each like we assume it should be, then I have no problem leveling him. If he freezes half the time, no dice…

PS I have 60 war heroes and he still gets a spot because of some of the crazy teams we face

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Hahaha :grin:
I retired from playing intensively. I did not retire from playing the game or from raiding. Why should I? I like to visit friends :beer::hugs::innocent:

Well, about that hero, do try him out … unleveled … in, say, 6.8 or 8.7. You will find that he freezes up much more regularly than he does anything else.

Nope, no mats for this unreliable lazybones.

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I just realized I have posted the wrong ability stats and percentages, as I used the ones the OP posted from his underleveled hero.

I think that Denzaburo combined with Kage, Mitsuko, Ameonna and Alberich can be na interesting option when it comes to mana boost for the whole team - ie: 7 % from the family bonus, 10% from Denzaburo, 12 % from Alberich, i.e. 29% per turn.

A 8/8 Danzaburo gives +24% mana generation.

He’s part of the Sakura family. Pair him with others from that family, ie Kageburado, mitsuko, Inari, Ameonna and you have a leathal team because of the non stacked mana generation which makes Kageburado go off even faster. So yes he’s well worth it, and when he hits it’s a pretty hard hit for such a cuddly fellow


Yes…if for family bonus. I would not feed him unless you have the 5* Sukuras. With 4 or 5 members of the family, his 1/3 chance of nothing is needed for balance because the other specials sync and stack so well with the others. Firing off with Inari, you have a 2/3 chance of getting near invulnerability or the fastest mana gains in the game.

Outside the family…don’t bother.

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I’m working on him right now. Haven’t played with him yet though. He is going to eventually replace “Dawa” in one of my teams for wars.

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Even just for the nipples, definitely worth it !


He’s a bit like Wu, he is a gamble. His two specials that are nice are way overpowered for a four star. I reckon he will be fun. He is at 3/40 now for me and might get some orbs if I don’t pull onatel this month

Sure he freezes sometimes but don’t we all?


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