Damascus Blades

Who do I send check to to get Damascus blades? I have 14 heroes sitting in a dark room in the corner, shaking, hungry and cold just waiting for a Damascus blade. I was able to rescue one over Christmas but alas the others are still improsoned.


Keep saying a little prayer to RNGesus and they will show up.

Mine showed up yesterday. w00t

Let us know if u ever find out. 19 going on 20 here !

Dblades pls! :smiley:

Your 3^70 5* heroes who could barely stand on their own two feet, are begging for Damascus Blade? For what, to put them out of their misery?

Just kidding, hope the RNG Gawds smile down upon you… Or at least wait for the next Farholme that has one. Morlovia is just up, so in about 10 days after it is gone tomorrow?

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Got 3 in the same week… event, titan, mystic vision :smiley: Dont even have a 5* :sweat_smile:

Same… been playing for 4 months. I have only seen 4 d blades in that time - and one of them was a purchase at Christmas. I have about a dozen heroes sitting at 3^70.

They just look at me crying and begging for some love. Heartbreaking really

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Have 11 Dblades sitting in the dark shaking…

On the other side I found a total of 1 Tome of tactics in over a year of playing…:man_shrugging:

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I could also use a dozen of those blades immediately, I have all the heroes and other mats waiting there (im)patiently…
Other people in my alliance have the exact same problem but with tomes…
I really feel that SG has increased the ways to get most of the ascension materials since I started the game 18 months ago, except for the blades and tomes.
So basically I’ve got nothing to level right now except for a few 4 stars that I’ll probably never use in the game (I’m doing captain of diamonds right now)
SG if you’re listening :wink:

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Tomes, dblades, and tonics = hardest to come by

Its ridiculous

I just don’t understand the rationale for making them so are even to buy. So many people have 10+ 5* heroes sitting and waiting for a blade on tome, and not only are they crazy rare as drops, you can’t even buy the ■■■■ things.

If this is going to be a pay to win game, then let us pay to win. If we are paying to the point of having 10+ 5* heroes ready to ascend, it’s pretty obvious we are committed to playing. The risk is us getting bored waiting, not “getting to the end”.

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